Friday, January 15, 2010

Color Trend Du Jour: Coral for SS2010

Hello Ladies, part of my "real" job is trend analysis (I am a buyer) and I thought I would share with you. A color I am seeing crossover for spring summer 2010 in makeup/ beauty and fashion is coral. Everything from a deep true coral to light creamy peach-y corals.

I am all about this color right now, snatching up all these gorgeous light creamy corals for my nails and the bright ones for my lips. I plan to incorporate peach/ nude silks into my wardrobe for the upcoming spring.

How will you interpret this trend?


MAC Spring Forecast Collection due out in Spring

Barielle Blossom Nail Polish

MAC Impassioned Lipstick

China Glaze nailpolish in PeachyKeen on Temptalia


This is that creamy peach coral that I love for my nails. Very similar to China Glaze nail polish (That I will be picking up ASAP).

Miranda Kerr

Haute Hippie

Chanel Couture

Stella Mcartney

I love the bright pop as an accessory.

(sources:, luxenoir, temptalia, google images)

Thoughts? Ideas?


  1. Coral is one of those colors that really works for my skintone. I wear it all year long in my blushes and eyeshadows, but for spring I'll probably step it up and pick up a bright coral lipstick or nailpolish that I wouldn't wear in the winter or fall.

  2. Mocha, yeah your skintone is PERFECT for this color. As for me, I will need a little bronzed tan before being able to rock this out!

  3. Love the images you chose. I will go for statement acessorise.. a ring or a pair of earings with a bright salmony coral.. and for day time i will do coral lips.

    For the non-coral days its my faithful turqouise and maybe coral nail polish on the toes ;)

  4. I love the Nude look with hint of coral it's beautiful from a beautiful dress to amazing lipstick that colors is just FABULOUS <3

  5. Tali- Thank you, your skin tone will look AMAZING with some coral lips! I love turquoise as well. Turq and coral is a classic combo!

  6. Hollywood- Nude and coral is great, understated then a POP!

  7. Ooh I've just got some coraly blush so I'm on the right track!

  8. Thank you for a great post!I am a big fan of coral so I am not sure how do I feel about this trend. I don't want everyone to wear it. My latest coral love is Over lipstick by Illamasqua.
    Btw, those nail polishes look amazing!

    PS. I am happy that I found your blog :)

  9. Marina! thank you, im glad you found me, I will for sure be checking out some hot corals from illamasqua!

  10. Thank you for the comment ;)
    I've noticed that you also like Rude Cream Blusher. I LOVE it. I will write about it and the lipstick on Monday if you are interested. I also want to get their Lament nail varnish which I don't have yet.

  11. I love coral, but am really feeling the unique shades of orange nail polish right now. I just ordered Essie's Capri after seeing in featured in Nordstrom's January 2010 catalog on the models. It is a beautiful milky orange. I hope it looks that good in real life.

  12. this is one of my favourite colours. it goes well with my colourings and i love it. so glad to see it reappearing this season!

  13. Great images! I LOVE coral, it looks SO good with a tan or even if you are pale! I will be wearing it on my nails, cheeks, lips, clothes - you name it! But not all at once! :) It's nice to mix different textures of clothing with varied shades of the same colour! X

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  14. Hmm, sounds like I need to get more consistent with my tanning routine...! ;)
    Coral is a great colour for summer, and when I feel tanned enough I go for a light coral lipgloss or a coral top! And gold accessories! :)


  15. Andi- I hope you like Capri in real life. I am going to order the barielle nail polish! Let me know how you like it.

  16. Muhsine- Thanks, i love coral too. I imagine it is fantastic on your coloring! I love doing tonal mixing too with different textures. One of my favorites is, very sheer thin cottons, silks and chiffons. Gorg!

  17. Capri was a big, fat FAIL. Way too dark for what I had in mind. I may look into the Barielle too!

  18. That's funny...I did a Spring '10 coral color trend on my blog too...I guess the cat's out of the bag, lol. Great job, love the pics! ♥