Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Score Du Jour 1.5.10

Most of you probably know how I wax poetic about Alexander Wang. I love him. If i could have one designer only in my closet it would be hands down Mr. Wang. My co-worker and I were perusing the interwebs last night and we found that he was having a sale on Gilt Groupe today. We promptly put it in our outlook calendars and were set to go.

It went on sale at 12pm today and was completely sold out by 12:10. I managed to score exactly what I was hoping for. It took relentless clicking on my size and and patience.

Low and behold, I got my beauties into my cart. i have been salivating over these for months. however, I did not want to splash out $$1,175 before the holidays. I scored them at a whopping more than 70% off! More information here, They are sold out on all retail sites so I cant get a good page up for you! http://theshoegoddess.com/2009/06/alexander-wang-2.html

Very happy indeed! I love you Gilt Groupe!


  1. Alexander Wang is succh a great designer that pair of boots is Ridiculously HOT

  2. great deal! soo cute. r blog is so informative!
    why is ysl rouge volupte so good?
    i am soo basic with makeup.
    black mascara, out the door. lol
    xo chauss

  3. Is Gilt Groupe very trustworthy? I always get nervous about shopping at new sites! Love your blog by the way!

  4. Meganelena- Gilt Groupe is very established and trustworthy! they are a fantastic company. I have gotten many fantastic designer pieces by them!

  5. CHauss- thanks!! I just checked out your blog! I love it. you are fabulous! Anyway, YSL lipsticks are amazing because of the formulation. They are creamy and beyond pigmented. If you are basic I would go with my favorite with is #2 a really sexy nude ala Jennifer Lopez!

  6. I love them! And how lucky as well!


  7. They 're jaw-drop inducing, for sure! ;)
    AMAZING find!