Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rengergie Microlift Eye Cream Review 1.26.10

I have been using Renergie Microlift Eye Cream for almost two weeks now. Lancome kindly sent this as part of a package. This is a product I would have never tried in a million years, why? Because I never thought I needed a lift under my eyes yet, but guess what this product proved to me I did.
This product in 2 weeks has made a difference under my eyes. Yes, it is moisturizing which is always a benefit but what I really love about this product is that this has diminished some (not all) of the blue-ish tint of my under eye circles and I would say about 80% of puffiness that I usually wake up with in the morning. This is what gives my eyes the lifted appearance. I have not noticed yet any real diminishing of fine lines beyond plumping my skin with moisture immediately but this fades within a few hours.

I also really like the gel/ cream hybrid texture of this treatment. It looks very nice under concealer, although I put this on before bed. Remember though, I have very dry skin so this might be a little richer for most of you than me. This however keeps my skin very soft and very supple. I could dunk my whole face in this and be happy! Additionally, I am very very picky with scents, and this is very subtle and classic smelling. Not too fruity or floral and definitely not overbearing.

The only con I see with this product is the price tag, I would not classify this as super expensive (La Mer, La Prarie) but it is pricey at $60 a jar. I do not know if being 25 I would yet purchase a $60 eye cream for myself. However, once I start seeing real wrinkles I am sure I will be spending a ridiculous amount of money to get rid of them! I do not think if you do not have fine lines or puffiness you necessarily need such a rich moisturizer or a pricey one.

Overall, I am very impressed with this product and I will continue to use this, which is a huge thing for me as I like to bounce between products and I rarely finish things. I will update you all as to how long this lasts and when I actually finish it! Lancome is one of those heritage brands, classic. I unfortunately completely forgot about it until recently dying over the Chris and Tell Lipstick. I am glad I was re-introduced to it as it was one of my first forays into cosmetics as this was the brand my mother always used. I am very much looking forward to trying more from Lancome's skin care range.

Have any of you had any great/bad/okay experiences?


  1. This is something that I am going to really have to look into. I am always looking for a great eye cream and being 42 just about I need some eye help...

  2. I've tried this via a gift with purchase sample and it is really nice!
    I haven't bought a full size yet as I have some other eye creams that I'm trying.

  3. i've been wondering about this. I got a sample as a gwp but never got around to trying it yet. Maybe I will now. I do have a little fine line under my eye which I want to find something that will help it.

  4. Krista- Maybe you can wait for a gwp!

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  5. michelle- i really like it, I never really go out of my way to buy eye creams!

  6. I work for Lancome as a regional makeup artist/ skin diagnose specialist and here are a couple of tips to make this eye cream even more effective:

    * Warm it up in between your thumb and ring finger. The repositioning and re-bundling effect has to be activated and so is done when warmed.

    * When applying the eye cream, use your ring finger to "swoop" underneath the eye. This is the only eye cream that you do not pat on-- you actually rub it on so it can create a web of lifters.

    You will see a huge difference in results just by doing these two things. Enjoy!

  7. I Love the RML products! If your not seeing the results in wrinkles you want try adding on the Collaser-5X eye serum which targets lines and wrinkles!

    Lancome BA.

  8. I got a small sample in a gift pack and since I used it all up, I have noticed that I can see the bluish shadow and puffiness a lot more under my eyes. I didn't realize how much it was helping until I stopped using it. When I can afford to buy it, I would like to pair this with Lancome's Genefique and their rich night cream. I am not 25, BTW. :)

  9. Lancome products are the greatest and yes, very expensive, but WELL worth it. I've been using it since I was in my teens and now almost 46. I highly recommend this!

  10. I LOVE Lancome products!!!! I'm the oldest of three girls and everyone always asks who's the oldest. My Lancome skin care regime stuck with me from the time I worked for them in college till now (I'm 36). Thank you Lancome for beautiful, youthful skin!!!!!!