Monday, January 4, 2010

Outfits Du Jour 1.4.10

Okay, so I had some Outfits I took pictures of from the past few weeks. I thought I would give a little looky loo since I have gotten a few emails wondering about fashion. My style is totally random, in the winter I go for comfort not speed! Lots of layers. I would describe it as hippy chic rocker luxe. That sounds good.

I like mixing high and low, and always with a shit ton of jewelry!

Not heavy enough for the NYC winter! I am not too smart!
Please notice my WIERD hand/ claw in this photo!!
I wore a gray long cardigan over this!


  1. super cute! i love the first look especially. i think that description of your style is perfect.
    looking forward to seeing your jewelry!

  2. love all the outfits! very chic!

  3. Stylin'! I am in love with your long wavy hair. My hair is... kind of, the same. But brunette. And thick. And frizzy. And fluffy :(
    You're beautiful!
    - Monica

  4. Beautiful, your hair is amazing, what colours did you have put through it?
    I am the same about putting on a bit of bling it always perks up any outfit

  5. Love the Boyfriend jeans !!!!!! and the fur coat so oretty !!

  6. hollywood- They are Madewell, not expensive at all and super SUPER comfy. Highly recommend!

  7. Shangri-la- thank you! I am actually getting is re-done in February. I just ask for buttery blonde, not yellow-y!

  8. Glamour- mine is very very thick too...and can be frizzy in humidity!

  9. Great outfits. You always look so chic!!!