Monday, June 22, 2009

MIA du Jour 6.22.09

Hi All, so sorry that I have been MIA lately. I promise more beauty, fashion and beautiful things in general coming up. I have been with my family out on Long Island this weekend and bogged down with tons of work. The fashion industry can be grueling at times. This recession is pushing everyone to work harder and harder to keep it all moving forward. Anywho....

Posts to come:
- Giveaway
- Naked Honey
- Contouring Tutorial
- Gosh Darling 134 Lipstick Post
- By Terry Rose Baume
- Illamasqua review
- MizzWorthys Contest Entry- Hopefully, I have time to do this.
- Travel Makeup Bag
- Make Up Must haves
- Some jewelry posts
- and of course...more inspiration posts.

Anything else you want to see?


  1. I was wondering where you were the other day, I'm used to seeing your updates whenever I log onto blogspot! Not that I'm complaining about that of course.

    I hope your work eases a little, be happy that you have work! I am looking for a summer job and no-one round me is hiring. Gutted.


  2. Missed your posts! Look forward to your new posts!

    BTW, I've kept my eyes open for purple shadows for you here among the Canadian brands that might not be available in the U.S. Have you seen any Annabelle shadows before?

  3. Ooh, I can't wait for the must haves and the travel makeup bag! I love your posts.

  4. Can't wait to see your Illamasqua review!!

  5. I wld love to see your travel post!

    Sometimes life just gets bizzy y'know? : D

    Hang in there....

  6. Ooooh quick quick, can you do the travel post firstttttt ;P I'm leaving for Europe on Sunday lol love travel tips lol hope work gets less stressful for you dearest!!

  7. Sarah!!! Yay for europe! You are going to have such a blast. I am going over to London, Paris and Rome for work on july 27th! I will post some tips this week! I keep it simple!

  8. Ooh fantastic!! Can't wait to see :)
    Oooh how exciting!! Your job lets you go to Europe, ooooohhh lucky you!!!! Have fun :)