Friday, June 12, 2009

Obsession Du Jour 6.12.09

You all know how much I love EZ Baby Tendertone, and well Mac Tendertones in general. This is a new one I picked up at the CCO a few weeks ago. This is Softnote Tendertone. I love this color. It is a light lilac with almost a slight blue duochrome. It gives a nice sheer lilac glaze on your lips. Again, with all tendertones, its smooth, moisturizing and smells like heaven (a strawberry- kiwi- ish smell).
I really wish MAC would re- release these babies!!!

Note to self: Must pick up an arsenal of these next time at the CCO. Steph remind me we need to go to the outlets in Cali when we are there. Thank you.


  1. im so dissappointed that mac isnt re-releasing the tendertones.i thought theyre gonna be out this summer. theyre my favourite! good enough to eat :)

  2. I KNOW!! Such a bummer, huge big time bummer!

  3. I miss them! I had 4 now i have 1/4 left of my last one.. im going to ebay and see if any are reasonably priced!!

  4. Tali- I know!!! I want more too, these are so amazing, why wont they repromote them!?!?1