Wednesday, June 17, 2009

MAC Collection News Du Jour 6.17.09

I know personally a bunch of specktrettes have been searching for new MAC information about new collections and I just got wind of this news from MAC_Whore @ Specktra.

"The black collection that we have been buzzing about is called 'Style Black'. It is said to contain:

+ A new type of gloss called Dazzlecream. It's creamy, has 3 different types of pearl pigment and sheer color. Sounds like Creemsheens and Dazzleglass melded into one. Yum.

+ Bat Pro CCB and one other new black based CCB

+ A black mattene, as well as other black, burgundy and greyish lipsticks.

'DSquared' is the Ungaro anniversary collection. There are a good amount of repromotes, but we can expect:

+ Another shot at picking up a Feline kohl Power for those who are desperately lemming.

+ At least 2 new lipsticks

+ The new grease paint stick, which is a water/smudge resistant black liner that has a glossy appearance.

I know you all have lusting over the idea of new palettes. Well, the word is we can see some in
a collection called 'Makeup Art Cosmetics'. This is a 3 person collaboration between an illustrator, painter and a photographer. Each one developed part of the collection. We can expect to see:

+ The painter developed the quads. One is blues/greens, one is purples/burgundies and the other is earthy neutrals.

+ The photographer helped develop the pigments. They are all bright colours like yellow, orange, turquoise, etc. Hmm....I wonder if this might be Miles Aldridge? He has collaborated with MAC before, shooting the promos of Dame Edna, Brunette Blonde Redhead, Naughty Nauticals, Naked Honey and a slew of others. Could this be his next offering? His work fits the bill? I could be wrong. I guess we shall see....

There will be a nail collection featuring 6 new shades designed by Jin Soon for MAC.

The last little tidbit I have is that there will be some new technakohls coming out. Some in bright shades. Hmmm..will a few be perm?"

WHO IS EXCITED? I love black and that grease paint is calling out to me big time!


  1. Thanks for all the great info, I'm looking forward to seeing everthing...

    I don't wear black eyeliner that often, but I guess now I'll be able to see the infamous Feline eye pencil everyone talks about!

  2. Mama- Exciting right? I don't know why Everyone loves Feline so much. its good but heck it smudges like everything else. I like the stila Kajals much more!

  3. Thank you for this update, I am really lookin for dsquared and style black collections. I expect a lot from dsquared, I hope I am not disappointed in the end.. This fall, we'll have a lot of eye pencils from MAC.. I remember some news about new eye pencils from MAC PRO, that are all nude shades to be used on waterline ;)

  4. OMG thank you so much for sharing this info!! i cant wait for the dsquared collection!! ahh now i must save and wait for this patiently!!

  5. wow never ending new collections from MAC lol. It sounds very exciting.

  6. That all sounds very exiting!! I ♥ Technakohls, hopefully the new shades are permanent!

  7. The fall collections are calling me and the July collections are fading on me. I'm buying less of Euristocrats II, Colour Craft, Graphic Garden and 2 things from Baby Blooms collection.

  8. Same here Fab, Im over summer collections. I am going to get the Nude lip bag from Graphic Gardens and that is it! Nothing from Euristocrats. Color craft...maybe porcelain pink!