Monday, June 29, 2009

Jewels Du Jour 6.29.09

Quick Jewels shot for the day, not really "jewels" but you know what I mean ;)
Wearing: (from left to right)
- 2 tibetan rosewood bead bracelets made by me
- 1 onyx bead bracelet with sterling skull bead made by me
- Cartier Charity bracelet rose gold and silver loops
- Red friendship bracelet made by my sisters. Red to ward off evil :)

What are you wearing on your wrists today?


  1. Hii, you commented on one of my posts ages ago and i've only just noticed so i thought i'd leave you a comment because i feel like a big bitch. Love your blog :) x

  2. LOVE them...I have a couple of tibetan bracelets myself..

  3. great! I make them all myself, i love rosewood!

  4. Well, if you ever decide to make it a small business, please, let us know! ;)


  5. OMG that cartier bracelet is gorgeous! Do you remember about how much it was?

  6. smiley- it was around $700-$900 I believe. I am not sure, it depends on the colors and if you get a single loop or double. I got double.

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