Monday, June 1, 2009

Obsession Du Jour 6.1.09

Get your glow on. These babies are the original luster drops. The brilliance Pur by Chanel are my go to liquid bronzer/ highlighters in the summer months. These last you a LONG time. I have had both over a year and they are still perfect.

They are not thick, they are the consistency of a liquid foundation. I use these two ways, In the summer I always mix luminizer with my tinted moisturizer or liquid foundation. I never ever use powder foundation in the summer. I love the look of dewy glowy skin. Another way I use it as a regular luminizer, i just dab it on the high planes of my face. I love this lumizer because it does not have any glitter, just fine shimmer. It is very subtle and really makes you look glowing from within your skin.

Sunlit and Bronzelit.
Sunlit- golden champagne
Bronzelit- copper bronze

Which do you like better MAC luster drops or Chanel's brilliance pur?


  1. These products looks very nice, I wonder if Chanel has them every summer? Hmmm, might have to stop in and take a look. Thanks xxN

  2. LoveLipstick- I think it is part of their permanent line. I got these SO long ago and the bottle is still like 3/4 full. They are so great.

  3. I actually have never tried these types of products. Maybe I should?

  4. Krista- they are great. If you love the glowy dewy look then you should DEF try them, if you are into a matte appearance I would skip!

  5. The bronzelit copper bronze looks like it would make the perfect summer bronzer.Deffinatly going to have to look into it!

    thankyou for posting this or i would probably have just passed them by!

  6. I really want to try these out! They look better than the lustre drops, but I can't judge as I have used neither of them.
    Thanks for the blog, I had never even heard of them before this! :)


  7. Dolly- Yes you should, it is a perfect bronzing highlighter. I recommend it highly! let me know what you think!!

  8. Lydia- You are welcome, check them out!

  9. These look great but I am not sure how they would look on my skin...I might have to give them a try. We shall see though.

  10. BTW they do look a bit better than the MAC Luster Drops.

  11. don't laugh, but i have a bottle of this stuff and it really does last a long time...i've had it for 9 years! (no, it's not gone bad.)

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