Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Preventative Measures Du Jour 6.10.09

I am so crazy. I am 24...yes 24, turning 25 in November anyway, I hate wrinkles and I already see some popping up. I have promised myself I would start using this on a consistent basis and I have now for 2 months and I do see it making a difference. Better to Prevent then Treat. I am sure I will be having a go with Botox in my future :)

Kiehls Imperiale Repairateur Moisturizing Eye Balm $22.50
  • With Pure Vitamins A and E Oil
  • Treats, moisturizes and protects dry skin around eyes
  • Extremely rich, emollient
  • Good for overnight use
  • Not tested on animals
Anyhoo- I really like this Eye Cream. It has a thick balm like consistency, not creamy, just balmy. It take a few minutes to fully soak in. I use this as night as it is too greasy for daytime. This is definitely a night time treatment for your eyes. I wake up with very soft and moisturized skin around my eyes and that is the point. It is unscented which I really like, because I do not want scents or perfumes on the skin around my eyes. As the skin around eyes is much for delicate and sensitive. I also love that it is not tested on animals like some other skincare brands :( All in all, this is a good product for $22.50, I do not consider this an HG though. I also wouldn't recommend this for Oily skin.

What are your preventative measures?


  1. I use Dermalogica Power firm and I love it. Like you though I wouldn't consider it as a HG but I like it whilst my skin is still "young" (term used loosly!) x

  2. The only thing I would be worried about with a rish balm under my eyes is puffiness...I have hereditory dark circles(I can thank my mum for that!) and if I use anything too thick then my eyes just puff up. I take it you didn't experience anything like that with this product?

  3. Lip- I have dark circles too! But no puffiness with this!

  4. I guess it's not my HG because I forget to use it. but when I do remember I really love it! I need to be more strict with my skincare regime! ;) x

  5. Argh - I've got a good few years on you, and finding a preventative measure has been on my list of things to do for several years now. Perhaps this cream is a good place to start!

  6. Marie- Yes be more strict it sill pay off later on!

  7. I'm a huge fan of kiehl's...I haven't bought anything from them lately, but I'll probably ask for a sample of this...I love balmy type under eye products, I normally use Vaseline...isn't that nuts? But I really like it, but this sounds like a nice step up lol

  8. Aleksis- Actually this has the same consistency, so you might really like this. A sample is a great idea.

  9. I went for my first facial at a medical spa..amazing...I am using an antiaging line right now by dermaquest. Amazing stuff but I will not be buying the whole line. One of the serums is 193.00. crazy. I will be buying full size glycolic cleanser and one of the serums. I think a couple of good antiaging products along with lots of sunscreen should fit the bill..

  10. Krista- I love medical spas! Sounds like a good product line, i would love to hear a review!

  11. My mother actually said"here your crazy but its what you wanted" while handing me the big bag of anti wrinkle creams Id been dropping not so subtle hints about recieving for my birthday.So now Im skipping between the boots protect protect and perfect range(its actually been proven to work and is haled over here as a miracle and epicone beverilly hills face cream and eye cream and both are pretty miraculous.Your so right prevention is better than cure.

  12. Hi beautiful lady!!!
    I have been reading your blog and Its really exciting and inspiring!
    I am Marijo from Argentina, South America.
    We don´t have all the brands or products you mention sometimes.
    BTW I love Kiehl´s. I havent tried this one but now I am using the avocado´s one, from Kiehl´s of course. Its really creamy and a jar lasts a lot of time.
    I also use the whipped eye lotus cream from KenzoKi...Its really amazing!!!
    I wanna invite you to see my blog but its in Spanish :(...but if you want to take a look at it you are welcome of course.
    Have a great day!