Friday, June 26, 2009

Jewel Du Jour 6.26.09

Bracelet I am wearing today. Simple but great, I LOVE SNAKE jewelry!


  1. Imo- I love gold too, I am going into more silver now though

  2. LOVE snake jewelry as well! great bangle

  3. I 've been eyeing the one that the celebs have been wearing, Hayden Panettiere has been wearing one a lot...
    They are REALLY expensive though...

    Yours is so cool! Might try my luck on ebay...


  4. Have you checked out kenneth Jay Lane jewellry? hes does beautiful costume jewellry and has even got the likes of Mary Kate wearing his pieces..Im eyeing up a gold tiger ring embellished with crystals which btw is on sale right now.

    check out

    They also ship internationally xx

  5. love your taste in jewelry, sweetie...can't wait until you start selling your own stuff!

  6. Timo- Of course I know Kenneth Jay Lane, he has some wonderful pieces!

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