Monday, October 31, 2011

NARS Arabian Nights Eye Palette Du Jour 10.31.11


When I got wind of the Sephora Friends and Family there was nothing I REALLY needed. I know, that is just a shocking statement from me. However, being the beauty addict that I am I knew I needed to take advantage so I decided to browse (always the beginning to a terrible event for my credit card). I hadn't really had a look at the NARS line since I have had a few disappointments with them as of late( the Easy Lover lipgloss and their eye pencils) so I wansnt hip to the new holiday line.

Well well well, what do you know, I fall in love with the Arabian Nights Eye Palette, such sparkly gorgeousness. But is that enough? Lets see!

As you can see in palette is is just beyond gorgeous! Love at first sight, and if you are a long time reader you KNOW that I love me a good black smokey eye. When I swatched with my fingers, it was beautiful, dark, rich, sparkly pigment. However, when I transfered to my hand for a swatch it fell short.

That kind of dissapointed me, but you can work around this with a good sticky base and a flat brush that you pack on the color with, dont brush or sweep on. Pack, pack, pack!

Overall, I think its a great palette for the holidays, the colors are magnificent but will take a bit of finese!



  1. Omg those colors are beautiful! I can imagine how they'd come out on the eye, especially with all that glitter, but you could def make it work =)

  2. WOW these colours look beautiful, and amazing pigmentation. I love Nars products, always really good quality :) x

  3. I just put this in my last post on my wish list... I too adore a good smokey eye!

  4. This looks beautiful...I'll have to check it out!

  5. It looks gorgeous on your fingers but not really on the hand... I really wanted to get this palette when I saw the promo for the first time but I won't do it now.
    I have Urban Decay Black Palette for dark shades and I am loving it x

  6. I think these colours look beautiful. A bit of sparkle for the festive season!

  7. I LOVE those colors. Please check out my new blog

  8. beautiful colours!

  9. Oh my god, this looks so gorgeous!!! I think I have to get this for the holidays!!!


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