Monday, June 18, 2012

Cheap Thrill Du Jour: Maybelline Porcelain Collection 6.18.12

Hurry! Go scour your drugstore. I have found a true nude in the drugstore. Major shocker. I can never find a true nude, they are always too dark or too mauve-y (or as my best friend says Mohv).

Anyway, I saw these and I obviously grabbed the colors Smooth Taupe, Nude Nuance and Porcelain pink. My favorite is the taupe ( the lightest nude) it reminds me of MAC's 2N and Gosh Darling.

Smooth Taupe is the perfect nude to slap on and blot out for the perfect natural nude pout.  I am not sure if they are limited edition so check em' out. I am going to grab a few back ups!

From left to right: Porcelain Pink, Nude Nuance and Smooth Taupe

I found it at an A&P in northern jersey for $6.99.

Have you tried yet?