Thursday, July 8, 2010

Obsession Du Jour 7.8.10

I have a new hair care obsession and its from an unlikely brand. Well...not SO unlikely but its a brand that I am usually not every woo-ed by. Kiehls.

Kiehls is a good brand, I just never have fallen in love with anything from there, until now. I have tried many products that I like and would buy again, but nothing that gets the Obsession Du Jour status.

Let me introduce you to my new hair care obsession, Sunflower Color Preserving Shampoo and Sunflower Deep Recovery Masque Pak.


First of all, the smell is over the top AMAZING. It smells like a fresh peach, I dont even know, it is so amazing. I know I am ranting but it is THAT good. Okay, to the important things, it is sulfate free, paraben free and silicone free. It has apricot oils and sunflower oils.

"Formulated without parabens, our sulfate-free shampoo and masque pak helps to effectively protect color-treated hair by gently cleansing hair without stripping its color. Infused with nutrient-enriched conditioning oils of Sunflower—known to contain powerful levels of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids – combined with Apricot, a fortifying blend of Vitamin B3, B5, and B6, and a UV-protective filter, our color-preserving shampoo conditions and moisturizes dry hair for long-lasting color in between salon visits. Utilizing a silicone-free formula which doesn’t weigh hair down, hair maintains its vibrancy with a smoother, more natural look and feel."

Apricot Kernel Oil is extracted from apricots and has a very high Vitamin E content. Sunflower Oil has Phospholipids and high concentrations of Ceramides that protect and heal dry or damaged skin and hair.

Sign me up. I have been using it and my hair feels clean, soft, moisturized and shiny. It also smells like heaven to boot!

I highly recommend this. I purchased mine and Blue Mercury but You can purchase here @ Kiehls

Let me know if you have tried this!



  1. It's officially on my "to try" list now! Still searching for my HG in hair care :)

  2. Great review. Can't wait to try this out. My only "must have" item from Kiehl's is their eye cream with avocado.

  3. Ansa- I hear that is fab, i will try that out next!

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  5. Running out tomorrow - this sounds heavenly!

    XO ABT

  6. I use the volumizing shampoo and the sunflower conditioner in the tube. AMAZING! I always repurchase. HG :)

    S from Abu Dhabi

  7. these products are fantastic, I agree! you should also try the olive fruit oil conditioner or hair pak - I absolutely adore these! they make your hair super-smooth and soft and shiny without weighing it down!
    I also love their heat-protective straightening cream and the silk cream (keep forgetting the exact names, sorry!) if you're going for a more wavy look.
    enjoy kiehls! except for aveda, it's basically the only brand I use for my hair routine :)
    xx emma

  8. I treid this before and i like it! im a new fan by the way!!

    great blog!

  9. Great review,
    when I lived in NY kiehls lip balms were a must have in the winter


  10. I'm positively in love! My hair takes quite the beating during the summer. These were a great recommendation - my hair thanks you as well!


  11. I am looking for some nice hair products:) My hair is thin and kind of oily in the roots and dry at the ends:) What a combination right?
    I will check this one out,though.

  12. hmm, never tried kiehls before, will have to check it out!

  13. Cant wait to try it out. Recently tried the kiehls yerba mate facial cleanser and LOVED it. Will run a review on

  14. I've always been a die-hard Kiehls addict so when this first came out (or at least when it first showed up on my radar) I had to try it. I used the shampoo and conditioner all the way through a set to give it a fair test, and I have to say that although I LOVED it at first, by the end of the bottles I felt that it really wasn't doing anything for my hair and in fact was even making it have a kind of odd dry texture. I have thick wavy hair colour-treated hair that's not prone to dry or greasy either way, but this just didn't do anything by the end of the bottles (my hair actually felt a little brittle).

    I did go back to my other favourite from Kiehls though - the same product types but in the Olive Fruit line - and I found that I do enjoy those the best.

    For Kiehls hair care, if you're looking for something day-to-day ever, the Rice and Wheat Volumizing paired with the Hair Grooming and Conditioner 133 is great. I switch back and forth between that and the Olive Fruit line.

    Glad that the Sunflower is working for you though! Like I said, I did love it so I'm happy to see that the formulation pays off for some people!


    PS: I absolutely love your blog and YouTube channel. Definitely some of my favourites.

  15. this page might interest you, it's the employees of Kiehl's favorite products!

  16. I just had the keratin complex treatment done to my hair, and so i needed some sulfate-free shampoo. Inspired by you, this is what I got! It smells amazing and so far, so good! thanks for the great rec.