Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Obsession Du Jour: Retinol Eye Mask 7.14.10

Hi All, So I am here to bring you an HG product, a product sent from the gods. Yes, Yes, I know sounds dramatic, but I am not not lying here, it is THAT good.

What is it? They are retinol eye masks, specifically Shiseido's Benefiance Pure Retinol Instant Treatment Eye Mask. Basically, what they are are little strips that are cut to fit your eye area soaked in a retinol liquid treatment.

What are they supposed to do? I bet you are thinking, what are those wierdo little banana shaped white papers supposed to do? Well let me tell you somthing, they work MAGIC! They refine fine lines, moisturize, de puff and brighten. A tall order huh?

From the Sephora website:
Benefiance Pure Retinol Instant Treatment Eye Mask

What it is:
A concentrated under-eye treatment sheet mask for all skin types.

What it is formulated to do:
Developed with Shiseido exclusive Pure Liquid Retinol Delivery System, this complex is designed to visibly improve fine lines, crow's feet, and uneven texture, in just 15 minutes.

What else you need to know:
It can also be used around the lips for exceptional smoothing benefits.

Do they work? HECK YES!

I have used them twice now, and I saw an immediate difference after one use. They for sure moisturize the under eye area which i always need. I also have dark circles that need lightening, which is did slightly the first time, and a bit more the second. Lastly, I woke up this morning with PUFFY bags from lack of sleep and... ahem... alcohol. I slapped these babies on @ 7:45am and at 8:00 my eyes were completely de-puffed. I swear! No lie...the under eye area actually looks radiant. This is a huge feat for me.

All in all this FOR SURE is a product I will re-purchase and be sure to have on hand.
They cost $60 for 12 individually packaged masks. I got mine @ sephora, but you can wait for a friends and family sale if you feel they are too expensive. However, they are 100% worth it and for 12 individual treatments it is actually not that expensive, only $5 per treatment!

The packaging is fab! It is great that they are individually packaged because a lot of retinol treatments come in glass bottles which actually breaks down the complex. This happens when light hits is. See packaging below.

Retinol is a great anti-aging product!

And just for some shits and giggles, me with the eye masks on this morning!

Will you try these out?


  1. I have added this to my wish list, thanks for the great review!

  2. These look so much fun! I will be trying them :)


  3. OOOO theses products look very interesting. I will HAVE to try them

  4. This is why we need Sepohra in the UK. Great review!


  5. Wow I will definitely have to try these out. The only problem is I saw on a website recently that Shiseido is one of the companies that still tests on animals. Do you know if this is true?

  6. Ohhhh, me want! I definitely have to check these babies out! thanks for the review ;)


  7. love the pic of you wearing the patches very cute/funny ^^

  8. that eye mask looks promising..will include this in my wishlist..



  9. I love those.

    Have you tried the version for the full face? It comes in two pieces one for the upper half of the face and the other for the lower part. My skin feels so nice after using them.

  10. Wow! I need these. I will definitely be purchasing these.

  11. Haha! SO glad you posted a picture of you wearing the masks... very cute.
    I'll have to check 'em out.

  12. I just went out and bought the shiseido eye masks. Unfortunately I bought the wrong one though. Mine arent the retinol kind, but I tried it this morning and it, too, worked wonders. I love shiseido!

  13. Such a great product! I've been using them for a while now & i love them! great pic!

  14. These look very promissing! I wonder if maybe I could get them in the dutyfree at the airport... Good next birthday autopresent. Thanks for the heads up!
    Do you think they will also work in more aged skin?

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