Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Drugstore Products Du Jour 1.18.12

My go to mascara all the time, have been trying out Armani's Eyes To Kill... Eh! Not impressed, back to L'Oreal for $7.99 vs $30.

Now, let's talk a new found Love for $13.99, Sally Hershberger's hyper hydration! Beyond loving, if you have dry hair, go get this. It smells fab and softens hair immediately. It's tag line is "rehab for stressed hair", hello, that's mine. I have very long, dry, highlighted hair. It totally needs rehab! It also contains keratin which I love!

Anyway have you tried either? Love/hate? Tell me!



  1. Always loved Voluminous. Have purchased that many times.

  2. I wish Voluminous worked for my pin straight lashes, it seems so perfect for everyone else =T I like the Armani Excess more than the reg but.. $8 definitely trumps $30

  3. I'm interested in the Saaly Hersberger. In winter my hair tend to be dry.

  4. Please what is ur hair colour?LOVE IT!!

  5. im excited to try the keratin spray!!! I want to go pick one up tomorrow, my hair is so dry and im letting the color grow out of it. It will work great since im waiting for my next week global keratin treatment so i need something to tide me over.