Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Revlon Lip Butters Du Jour 1.24.12

So this isn't a review yet because I just wanted to share something quickly. I know you are probably sick and tired of hearing about these suckers but i wanted to share a juicy online tidbit I found! I was on the hunt for these FOREVER. I finally found a few at my CVS back home by families house on Long Island. I picked up Cupcake and Tutti Frutti, they weren't my first choice but I love them so much. Cupcake is HG material for me, perfect baby pink! You can see quick swatches on my hand below and cupcake on my lips. Naturally, I went on the hunt for more. They are non-existent in NYC.

Anyway, lo and behold, you can order them on www.CVS.com. I don't know why no one has spoken about this yet! Go order! Hurry! That was the juicy tidbit, by the way.

I just placed my order for Sugar Frosting, Creamsicle and Gumdrop.

Do any of you have? Do you love/hate?



  1. I love these I really want to try them but I just can't get hold of them anywhere or even online without evil shipping to the UK! grrr xxx

  2. i will definitely try them. i want creme brulee and strawberry shortcake. x

  3. I can't wait for there release in the UK on the 14th of March!!
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  4. I ordered some from ebay as I couldn't stand the wait Australia constantly has to deal with, and I want to pick up more shades! Fave so far is Creme Brulee, so pretty

  5. I love them!! I own 5 so far! I will have to get more of them soon!

  6. I LOVE them! I haven't tried either of these but now you made me want Cupcake. The reds in the collection are gorgeous (Red Velvet, Candy Apple and Cherry Tart). Creme Brulee is the perfect nude. I have Creamsicle too and love the color but that one just accentuates any dryness on my lips

  7. Love baby pink lips....I cannot wait for these to come to the UK!!!


  8. Love it :)

    Beautiful choices :)

    Kiss from Portugal,


  9. I'm on my second Candy Apple. It's become my go-to red.

  10. I have Creamsicle and Creme Brulee and I love them both...I want to pick up a couple more..