Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Arm Candy Du Jour 2.22.12

Okay I know I have been a bad blogger but please forgive me! I have been super busy but thinking of you guys.  I wanted to share the most amazing examples of accessory stacking. I love some good arm candy! These photo's made me drool. I posted a few on my twitter and instagram (follow me @DaraKaye and DaraKaye on Instagram) last week but these were too good to keep to myself!

Gold Stacking, love the unexpected turquoise thrown in. I love the pave cone bracelet, it is by Eddie Borgo and has been on my wish list forever!

Gunmetal stack in case you don't like Gold and get bored by the typical silver look. More Eddie Borgo.

And of course, the typical silver stack but opposite of typical with these gorgeous pieces. Again a lot of it is Eddie Borgo. I see his pyramids and cone bracelets. Love Love Love!

(All of these images were taken from ).

If you aren't in love with Eddie Borgo by now... I don't even know what to say. I am tempted to go on his site and order EVERYTHING.

I also found a great article on The Coveteur on a retrospective of Eddie Borgo. Check it out!

If you want to check it out it is,

Thoughts? Love? Hate?



  1. Love these! The second one is my fav!

  2. The second set is TDF! I love Eddie Borgo!

  3. Aha! This explains things. I was a little perplexed when I signed into Twitter today to see some messages clearly not meant for me. Oddly enough, there seem to be two of us -- actually, I've got twitter handle @DaraKaye!