Monday, February 27, 2012

Le Metier De Beaute Eyeliner Du Jour 2.27.12

So... I have a love/ hate relationship with liquid liners. Why you may ask? Not because they are hard to apply, but because sometimes I think it looks chic and other times I think it looks overdone and like I am trying too hard.

I was a Lancôme art liner devotee for years but something happened and I fell out of love. Hey! It happens. I still think its a great product. I just suppose the bloom is off the rose... That's the saying right?

Anyway so I had moved to pencil liner and was loving it, minus the terrible staying power for me.

I went to Bergdorfs to pick up Le Métier De Beaute's fresh creme tints ( that's for another review) and some how the LMDB's liquid liner in Noir wound up in my little bag and back home with me in my apartment.

I didn't unwrap it for a few days pondering if I should return it, it is pricey at $42. I decided to keep it and THANK GOD I did.

Wow is this product rave worthy! It comes in a tiny tube, but boy does it pack a punch. This liner is ready to go right out of the box and it can make the finest finest thin thinnest line ever. I am SO impressed. On top of it, it lasts all day. I am so sold. This is my new must have eye product for sure. You can do a thick bold cat eye or the most natural line that just makes your lashes thicker without giving your secret of using liner away!

If you are in the market I highly suggest you check out the liquid liner in Noir by Le Métier De Beaute! I am going to go back and see what other colors they have.

Have you tried? Thoughts?
Love? Hate?



  1. I love pen applicator liquid eyeliners! so much easier and less hassle than brushes with gel or even the classic liquid liners with product all up the wand which i always manage to get on my eyelashes. I am currently using a good drugstore one but might have to check this out

  2. I tried this product out this past weekend. I am quite impressed with the liner and the whole line as well. I bought the Peau Vierge tinted treatment and love it. I had to convince my self that since I was in the store to buy a tinted moisturizer and a new serum, that this product was worth the $$. It is an "all in one" as they say, but it really is great!

  3. I like pen liquid liners too, at the moment I am using a cheapie one from Bourjois that is doing the trick!

  4. I got this eyeliner in Paris on sale for $7! The lip glosses are also very nice.

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