Sunday, May 27, 2012

Shoe Find Du Jour 5.27.12

Personally, I am not a fan of Bebe. It is usually just not my style at all. However I was walking along 3rd Avenue and something grabbed my attention.

A pair of butt kicking gold wedges, I didn't even look up to see what store it was because I fell in love in .2 seconds. Ran in and realized it was Bebe. I was shocked. Anyway, grabbed them and the matching flats and even more shocking they had my size! I am a small size 5.

These shoes remind me of Tom Ford for Gucci back in the day. Around 2002 or so (I believe, I could be wrong), Some of my favorite shoes ever made. Tom Ford is a god.

Anyway, I would suggest checking Bebe out for these! Super hot and comfortable. I can't wait to rock them!



  1. Gorgeous - good find!

  2. Love the flats! I couldn't walk in the wedges.

  3. Gorgeous shoes! Btw, we have the same shoe size! :)

  4. I am not a BEBE fan at all either but I must admit that thoses shoes are SO PRETTY ! GReat find :)

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