Saturday, March 10, 2012

Amazing Nails Du Jour 3.10.12

How amazing are these nails?!? I need to know where I can get this done ASAP!

Anyone know?


  1. Wow these are amazing!!

  2. They look amazing! So glittery, L-O-V-E it:) XX

  3. I emailed you with a suggestion Dara!

  4. The Kiss nail designs (that you stick on & file off) had designs similar to this!

  5. sephora has it. i got it as a gift for christmas! they are amazing!!!! stick on designs

  6. This looks like the caviar manicure by Ciate paint pots. uK company. I did a blog post on them. They are supposed to be available in Sephora soon.

  7. Woah, this is very pretty!! Will definitely go well with a glam evening dress for a gala or dinner ;)

  8. Valley on elizabeth can do this

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