Thursday, March 8, 2012

Estee Lauder Illuminating powder Gelee Du Jour 3.8.12

Last Sunday night, the usual doldrums roll around and I decide I am bored and want to buy some makeup online. Always, Always, ALWAYS (Did I emphasize that enough?) bad news.

Anyway, Estee Lauder isn't something I usually remember to look at but, every time I get something from Estee Lauder I wind up LOVING it and wondering why I don't remember to look at it more. I wonder why... I think it reminds me of older women because it has been around so long. However, It really is such a great brand with really quality products.

The product I am going to speak about next is Estee Lauder's Limited Edition, Illuminating Powder Gelee in Shimmering Sand. Before I go any further, if this sounds appealing to you, go get it NOW. I guarantee this puppy is going to sell out.

No.... I don't get anything if you buy it, just go do it. I am looking out for you guys by telling you to go buy it! TRUST ME!

Anyway, back to the review, okay so this is a really smooth, gel like, powder. It is definitely a powder but the smoothness and softness is what makes it gel- like. At first, I thought it would be similar to one of my favorite products of the year which is, Laura Mercier's Rose Highlighting powder, which is a metallic-y rose gold. However, this is different, this could be a highlighter on darker skin, but this imparts a lot more color and pigment than Laura Mercier's product which is definitely a highlighter. 

Estee Lauder swatches a beautiful rose/brick with a metallic edge. It would be a beautiful blush just swiped on and even a shadow or lip color. Yes, I use powders on my lips, I love it. Anyway, but what i LOVE LOVE LOVE this for is a bronzer. I know this might sound a bit odd, but this has that red undertone that a natural bronze/ sunburn has. If you put this product on the outer edges of your face, like a bronzer and buff in well, the shimmer goes away and this becomes the PERFECT bronzer for that tropical look.

I used it today and WOW! it transformed my NYC pale pasty winter skin into almost looking like it was mid-summer without having a fake orange tan look. VERY impressive. I am even thinking about picking up another. I love it that much and at $42 that aint a cheap-o pick up!

I will let the pictures speak for themselves!

Take a gander at this beauty!

Rich Pigmentation, swatched and then lightly blended below.

Blended and Buffer in. You can see the metallic fades a bit to a perfect sun burnt looking bronze.

Are you going to pick up?
Thoughts? Comments?


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  1. Just tried looking for this on the UK website and its a completely different shade :( I hate it when EL do this! Ill have a look at a counter. I need this!! x

  2. Maz- What a bummer! Why do they do that?!

  3. Me too, Im in UK and just looked and can only find Topaz Chameleon - not sure what its like

  4. Wow love this!

  5. I am an Estée Lauder whore, I buy all my skincare from them and thanks to you I just discovered that they now deliver to Canada! I am getting that thing right now and it is $50 canadian dollars for us grrrr

  6. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who associates Estee Lauder with my grandmother! I've heard so many great things about their products recently but I've just got it in my head that at 26 years old I'm too young for their products, haha.

  7. Looks great! But for my pale skin I prefer Clinique bronzer in Sunkissed shade :-)