Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Inspiration 6.11.10

There is something so beautiful about both of these pictures juxtaposed next to each other. It's almost like old world vs new world.

What I love about these photo's is that they both can tell a rich story in their own right.

I love when fashion can do that. That is why Fashion can really be an art, just as much as a painting or a novel.

Happy Friday!

A beauty post coming up later not want to focus TOO much on fashion!



  1. love this... you're blog is great... i really have respect for you

  2. That pic of Sienna is one of my faves :)

  3. That top photograph is especially amazing. Something about it's rugged beauty draws me in, it's quite mesmerizing. Thanks Love, Great Post!

  4. I love the second photo ! I just Love black and white outfits with a colorful accessory ..namely a purse. I hate saying a pop of color . But anywho. her big toe looks so funny ! Ew . :}

  5. I agree, great photos! Love your blog!! x