Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My style is... 6.8.10

My style is a mish-mosh between 60's and 70's, bohemian luxe comfort. That is how I would describe it.

I dress for myself. I dress for comfort. I dress to be happy in what I am wearing. I dress simplistically.

I have been getting tons of emails requesting fashion advice and tips. I think this is a very hard thing to give as styling and fashion is very personal. My only advice is dress to make yourself happy. You should feel confident everyday in whatever you choose to wear.

Also, something very important is to not follow trends. Well, you can follow trends but only follow trends that fit your body type. Know your body and love your body and don't embarrass your body! Not everyone looks good in harem pants or leggings or plunging neck lines or...whatever! Be mindful of your natural shape and dress to flatter it!

I have take a few snaps this week of some outfits I have worn to work.

Jeans and White Tee.
Very basic, I use a very large white YSL bag to accessorize here.

Nautical Inpsired on a Hot Day
The outfit was based around Alexander Wang's jersey over sized boat neck tank and my very large balenciaga weekender.

Safari Themed.
A khaki green long pants romper accessorized with a vintage gold cuff. I love green and gold together. I also used the black balenciaga weekender again.

A black tie event, Luxe.
I wore a sample dress that I own. This is a silver dress with a graphic x going over my hips.
I accessorized with gold shoes and a gold clutch. Opposite of the muted silver color of the dress.

Here are a few quick face shots.

A panama hat from JCrew and a bright coral lipstick. I used Chanel's Genial.

Bronzed face and a nude lip with over sized aviators, no name brand.

I hope this gave you a little bit of insight into my daily looks.

A few of my fashion must haves:

- Bold oversized jewelry
- tons of rings
- White T- Shirts
- An oversized black everyday bag
- Aviator Sunglasses
- The perfect pair of jeans
- a metallic clutch to go with anything, vintage or new
- The perfect White Structured Shirt
- Denim cutoffs
- Leather Leggings
- The perfect black pump shot
- A striped long sleeve shirt
- A nude heel to elongate your legs
- Anything is drapey- whisper soft jersey!

I have also enlisted two of my most stylish friends to take daily OOTD shots for me to showcase for you in the upcoming weeks, Eunice and Stephanie. So you can get excited to see some more real life NYC inspiration!



  1. Thanks so much for this post! Really enjoyed it! =)

  2. i love this post. you look fabulous in all the pix.
    anyway, send your followers over to my blog if they want a daily outfits blog.
    i love to dress in comfortable clothes but have the added concerns of working in a uber conservative environment so i do my best to like what i wear as well as play by others rules...
    ahhhh, the drama....
    looking foward to meet you irl some time in the near future.
    xoxo chauss

  3. your fashion must haves sound like what the olsen twins might wear, especially Ashley Olsen

  4. love your style!


  5. thank you so much! more fashion advice is always welcome. please show us all your new fashion purchases on youtube in the future

    quick question: where do you buy your white shirts? You did a ton of videos the other day in a really cute white shirt and i think you had a black tanktop or bra under it and you looked super cute. so i was just wondering where it was from


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  7. Great post, love the long dress and the necklace you're wearing in the last photo, where's it from?

  8. Awesome. I told you on twitter but will tell you again, you totally rock the khaki romper! Too cooool! :)

  9. Fan-tastic! I absolutely loved this post, and thanks for your insight and advice. I love your style - the luxe style.

    And yes, I'm trying to dress for my shape - takes a while to get down, just like makeup!
    Thanks again and look forward to more posts like this

  10. i agree completely. i have a very similar style to yours but i lean more to the harsh punk flares and some high fashion pieces.


  11. You are gorgeous and your style rocks. It fits your personality and I so agree with you. Dress to make yourself happy. You do a great job!!!

  12. Absoulutley gorgeous!
    I loved the way you wrote

    "I dress for myself. I dress for comfort. I dress to be happy in what I am wearing. I dress simplistical"

    Good for you girl you have amazing style!


  13. Looking' Gorgeous as usual I love your style because I love neutral and pattern less clothes =)


  14. Brill post, love your style, great outfits there!

    Steph xx

  15. Absolutely simple, elegant and classic. Thanks for the pics. I love your blog and of course youtube postings. Look forward to more. =)

  16. You look amazing in each photo. Love your style, really pretty, feminine and easy going! xx

  17. Love this post :)
    I have a cuff pretty much the same as that gold one you're wearing, but it's silver!


  18. Love your outfits!! you are so crazy gorgeous..


  19. Thanks so much for listening to our requests! its very appreciated

  20. FABULOUS post! Adore your style and the YSL bag is beautiful! I want it in chocolate brown so bad!!
    Love how you wear quite simple colours yet the loks you put together are so exciting and 'chic' xxx

  21. your YSL bag is really nice it really sets off your 1st outfit :) xx

  22. Thanks girl - you got me buying more basic and slouchy white tees!

  23. You are so beautiful. Please cant you check out my blog. Im new and hope to make videos soon..


  24. Great post, D
    Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see the photos of your friends x

  25. I'm loving the mix of casual with the YSL bag - just one amazing accessory can make sooo much difference!

  26. Loving the nautical inspired look in particular! It would blend in perfectly here in Paris! x