Thursday, June 3, 2010

Obsession Du Jour: Body Chains 6.3.10

Lately I have been absolutely obsessed with body chains.

Its odd, I used to hate them and think they looked so "trying to be cool" but recently I have totally changed my mind.

My preferred way to wear them is under a slinky white t with just the top showing and hinting at what is underneath! Sexy rocker chic.

See below the ultimate sexy rocker chic chick Erin Wasson!

I will for sure be picking one up within the next weeks.
Bliss Lau has a great line that can be bought here:

What are your thoughts on body chains?



  1. Funny you should post this as i spent last night attempting to make my own.
    I used to not be so fussed on them but now i love them!
    That website has some great ones :)

  2. I have never seen those before (little old New Zealand!) but wow, I think I love them instantly. I agree with wearing them with a tshirt...I want one now. Do you know of any other companies making them? Some of those are expensive!

  3. Melissa, I would just google body chains and see what comes up! x

  4. love them!
    I think one would look awesome over a sheer lacey top...sort of complimentary, hard vs soft. love it!

  5. Love them!! I think under a slinky white tee would be sexy or also over a white tank like the 2nd to last pic you have up here is also cute. Will look so hot with a deep summer tan!

  6. Oh, I like Erin Wasson, she looks great :)

  7. I've loved them ever since spotting the ones on Erin!

  8. I have a harness necklace, I sadly don't get to wear it too often..!

    Btw, I @replied you on twitter with an etsy seller! Also check, that's were I got mine from!


  9. A couple of months ago, some company sent me one and I just can't find a way in my life or style to rock one, but I might try to this summer.
    The verdict is still out for me, though!

    BTW, that picture with them on hangers looks pretty dope!

  10. They are great check out
    I styled the lookbook!

  11. I love your idea! I've been looking everywhere for them though... And I've found no good ones ): Any suggestions on where to shop?

  12. daria in that body chain. ohhhhhhhh my.
    man alive.
    just posted something about body chains. maybe with a different take on them? i duno you might like it :)