Monday, June 7, 2010

Inspiration Du Jour 6.7.10

So, I am going on a Nature Vacation with my best friend, Stephanie to Jackson Hole Wyoming. In light of my summertime nature get-a-way, I am feeling very inspired by these sun soaked photo's.

I am in dire need of total relaxation. I cant wait to soak up the sun and the nature!

I especially love the photos from Vogue Nippon of Lily Donaldson in Vintage fur. So luxe!

What are you feeling inspired by lately?



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  2. these photos are so cute! hope you have a great time away with your friend :)


  3. Beautiful pics :)

    I love spending time outside and in nature and the sunshine. Definitely a great way to relax.

    I'm inspired by so many things, but lately it's music and jewelry!

  4. You are so pretty, you make fabulous videos. I love your vlogs :)
    I want to make videos soon but thought i would start out with a blog to build my confidence..

    Check it out please :)

  5. I love these photos, very bohemian summer

  6. such perfect summer images! nothing better than being outside and really relaxing! enjoy your holiday :)

  7. I did watch your vlog with your friend Stephanie. You both are so adorable. I also watched that food network special you referenced. I do hope you have that delicious treat mentioned - wasn't is some kind of decadent brownie/s'more concoction? Whatever it was it sounds really good. I hope you have fun and discover strange and organic beauty products while out there roughing it in Wyoming! haha
    I'm inspired by my road trip down the highway to visit my dad living in Southern California and then visiting my husband's college friends living in Laguna Beach. I actually bought a pair of shorts, tank tops and a beautiful pair of crinkled bronze leather strap flip flops - all thanks to the recent Gap sale.

  8. You should come to North Idaho for relaxation. Our lake here in CDA is AMAZING to say the least :) Love the pics!