Monday, September 28, 2009

Eyeshadow Obsession Du Jour 9.28.09

Two of my favorite eyeshadows I own. I hope at one point they will re-promote these colors. Expensive Pink on the left and Magnetic Fields on the Right.

 Edit: as everyone commented expensive pink is perm. Sorry for the FATAL error :) I had no idea...I usually avoid pink at all costs. What drew me in to this eyeshadow was the bright orange packaging and thank god it did!

Expensive Pink - a beautiful shimmering golden peach color, not very pink at all. This shadow is so buttery soft and smooth. Gorgeous texture.
Magnetic Fields- a perfect cool toned brown with subtle microglitter flecks.
These two look fantastic together, every time I use these colors someone will complement my eyes, does not fail. Do you have any items like that? Ones you put on and right away you know it will be a good day?

What two eyeshadows are your favorite?


  1. Love these two colours too. I can't pick two eyeshadows. There are just so many to choose from.

    I would say NARS Mekong is ONE of my new faves.

  2. My favourites change all the time but at the moment I think I'm going to have to agree with Lipsick Rules and say Nars Mekong (finally got hold of it!). I'm loving it paired with Mac's Tempting :)

  3. nice choices! but I thought expensive pink was permanent? I am sure I looked at it at my MAC counter recently :)

  4. Expensive pink is permanent!!

  5. i dont own these eyeshadows and mam im missing out. the colors looks really good!

  6. i just bought expensive pink at my mac,im pretty sure its a permanent color