Friday, September 25, 2009

Lashes Du Jour 9.25.09

I happened to pop over to Mac yesterday. Ooops and bought probably half the style black collection. It is so right up my alley with all the smokiness and glitter and BLACK products. I have not been so excited about a collection since... I really dont know. Anyway, I also picked up a new pair of lashes. These are my favorite my far. I had to even wear them to work today. Half lashes for me are the most simple, easy way to wear falsies!

They are called the lash 45's. They are half lashes with added bundles towards the end. I think I might have to pick up another pair of these I love them so much!

My hair is a bit in the way but you can see they are half lashes that flip way out on the ends. They create a very nice cat eye look when done with black liner. This was a very easy simple make up look. Basically nothing but black liner smudged on my lower lash line and false lashes!

Do you wear fake lashes? How often? What is your favorite brand for lashes?


  1. OOoh I love these!I love the cat eye look. I must admit that I usually rubbish at applying falsies but I tried the Revlon self adhesive nes recently and they were so easy to use!

  2. Lip- try the half lashes. They are amazing and SO easy!

  3. OH wowzer these look ah-mazinggg!! I love false lashes, they make such a difference!!!
    I have never actually tried any MAC falsies, usually just Revlon and Red Cherry, but I think I have to branch out a bit! I pretty much only wear them for special occasions though! I'm too lazy for everday wear lol

  4. the lashes are super long but they look somehow natural! Its so pretty on U

  5. Sarah- I have never tried red cherry! I am going to check them out, I hear so much about them!