Sunday, August 1, 2010

Great Blog Du Jour: 8.1.10

I was contacted a few months ago by Marina over at Makeup4all to do a little interview. I happily obliged and her Summer Blog-o-zine just came out.

This is the first time I have seen it and can I just say HOW IMPRESSED I AM WITH IT. It is so professional and informative. The layout is fabulous!

Marina, I think you will have a job as a beauty editor for sure one day!

Check out her Blog-O-Zine here at: You can download it via PDF too!

My little interview is on page 22 if you are interested in reading it!
Thanks Marina!!



  1. I have had a quick look and I am very impressed, she has really put an effort into this mag. Can't wait to read all the bloggers interviews. Really nice that she contacted you, and that you got to get yourself noticed more overseas. There are so many things that I want from the mag and it really shits me that we are still stuck with the winter collections here in Australia.

  2. I was also very impressed. It even looks better than some magazines out there!I kept thinking , wow, this would look incredible in glossy paper! Really pretty! Congrats for your interview!
    Check out my blog if you have a spare sec:

  3. I've given you an 'I love your blog' award. Please take a look at xxx

  4. I loved your article in the mag! check out my blog if you get a chance, i just posted my first post ever, you inspired me to start blogging since i'm too shy for youtube! I'd really appreciate if you checked it out<3 haha

  5. Thank you for the post, lovely! xxx
    And thank you for comments, girls :)