Saturday, August 14, 2010

Gym Mix Du Jour 8.14.10

Hi All,

Recently I have been on a major healthy lifestyle makeover.

I have always been really healthy but I decided it was time to seriously tone up and get in the best shape of my life. I joined Equinox and I have been making gym mixes to motivate me. A lot of people have asked me what is on my gym list, So I have decided to share with you through a series of screen shots. Click the screen shots to make them larger.

These are the songs that motivate me and pump energy into me. There is a lot to choose from here. This is my master gym list. You can always make smaller ones.

If you are interested I will share my cool down list also!

What songs motivate you?


  1. Love adding new songs to my gym playlist! I'll check these out.
    I definitely recommend Rockstar by Prima J, Push Push by Kat DeLuna, Fergalicious by Fergie, and U + Ur Hand by Pink. Those get me going.

    xo, V

  2. PS - LOVE your twitter/blog posts! Let's be friends :)

  3. i'm definitely taking a look. like you, i'm making lots of lifestyle changes to make me healthier, including running. music is sooo necessary there :)

  4. Thanks for sharing this is a great list, I have alot of it already but I picked up a few new songs to download.

    I like this kind of music and salsaish music to motivate me. I am not good at salsa dancing, but I love the tempo of the latin beats. Maybe its because I used to do zumba alot!

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  6. here's a part of my cardio playlist - apparently the whole comment was too long to be posted:

    We No Speak Americano - Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP
    4th of July (Fireworks) - Kelis
    One (Original Mix) - Swedish House Mafia
    I'm In Miami Bitch - David Guetta
    California Dreaming 2004(Remix) - Benny Benassi
    The World is Mine – David Guetta
    Stereo Love - Edward Maya ft. Alicia
    Sky and Sand - Paul Kalkbrenner
    Love Don't Let Me Go - David Guetta
    Gettin' Over You (Feat. Chris Willis, Fergie & LMFAO) - David Guetta
    Oh My God - Usher feat. Will.I.Am
    One Love - David Guetta
    Carry Out - Timbaland
    Riverside - Sidney Samson
    Break Your Heart (ft Ludacris) - Taio Cruz
    On The Dancefloor (Featuring Will.I.Am & Apl de Ap) - David Guetta
    Das Geht Ab (Wir Feiern Die Ganze Nacht) - Frauenarzt & Manny Marc
    Rocket [Tiesto Remix] - Goldfrapp
    Love is Gone – David Guetta
    Heavy Cross – The Gossip
    My Love (Paul Oakenfold Remix) - Justin Timberlake
    Alors on danse – Stromae
    Just A Little More Love - David Guetta
    Lovestoned Remix - Justin Timberlake feat Tiesto
    Just For One Day (Heroes) - David Guetta
    Ur So Gay - Katy Perry
    Sound Of Letting Go [Ft. Chris Willis] - David Guetta
    Bulletproof – La Roux
    Tomorrow Can Wait - David Guetta
    Around the World (Live) - Daft Punk
    Aaron – Paul Kalkbrenner
    WAKE UP CALL - Maroon 5 ft. Mary J. Blige

    enjoy your workout!


  7. OMG! Are you a closet techno fan?!!??! As the rush comes is my ALL TIME favorite techno song!!! Every version of it is AMAZING! Glad to see other makeup lovers also enjoy a good dance song! xx

  8. I think I may be the only person that doesn't like listening to music when I work out...weirdo..I know! lol

  9. Mine couldn't be more
    I have all country music on mine.

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  10. Here is my playlist..Well at least,a few songs..In my free time i am a fitness instructor,hope you enjoy it..Ohh and one of them are perfect for stepper,i do a lot-this is what i found on youtube,keep in mind that you burn a lot of fat with the stepper,and its not easy at all
    -Alicia Keys Ft. Beyonce- Put It In A Love Song
    -Ayo - Down On My Knees
    -Ayo-Slow slow (run_run)
    -Black Eyed Peas - Rock That Body
    -Bob Marley - Could You Be Loved
    -Cheryl Cole -Fight for this Love
    -Cheryl Cole-Happy hour
    -Gipsy Kings - Volare
    -Goldfrapp - Ooh La La
    -Gym Class Heroes-Cupids Chokehold
    -Heidi Montag-Superficial
    -Jennifer Lopez - What Is Love
    -Justin Timberlake-Love Stoned
    -Living Things - Bom Bom Bom
    -Madonna - Revolver (feat. lil wayne)
    -Majestic 12-Superstar
    -Marina Elali - One Last Cry(find the remix)
    -Michael & Janet Jackson - Scream
    -Sean Paul feat. Keri_Hilson-Hold my hand
    -Sergio Mendes - Magalenha
    -Shaggy feat. Akon - Whats love
    -Sophia Fresh - What It Is (ft. Kanye West)
    -TLC - No Scrubs

    Hope you enjoy some of them;))

  11. I love your blog style! It would be great if you could follow me, I'll follow you back!

  12. I love making different playlists for music according to my mood or even to change my mood.
    I've tagged you on my blog

  13. I'm doing the same thing right now! Been taking some classes at new york health and racquet but I haven't decided whether to join there or equinox. Making the classes make all of the difference for me - they push me harder than I ever work on my own.

    Check out Bulletproof by La Roux, Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine, Hello, Good Morning (feat. T.I. & Rick Ross)- Diddy, & Hot 'n Fun by N.E.R.D (feat. Nelly Furtado) is my absolute favorite.

  14. Thank you so much for posting this, i would also be really interested to see your cool down mix for the gym. posts like this always allow me to pick up a few songs for the gym. black eyed peas ' i gotta a feelin' is a personal fav at the mo'

    good luck with the gym. i always find the first
    few weeks are the hardest

  15. thanks for sharing! definitely going to check a bunch of those out :)

  16. I just recently joined the Bar Method studio across the street from my office and luckily I haven't had to rely on a gym play list. I can't complain about the music they play during class - it's surprisingly hip. I guess I was expecting to hear more classical and/or new agey kind of stuff...not Pitbull hahahaha

    Thanks for sharing and good luck with the fitness overhaul...I'm right there with ya!!

  17. I love this! Can you show us your other playlists? I would love to see your Office, Bed, etc!

    Thanks for sharing!

  18. Love your list! Great combination of music :)