Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Inglot Du Jour 3.16.10

Let me show, actually, tell you how dedicated also known as, obsessed with makeup I am. I will go to the tops of the mountain ranges and the bottom of the ocean's to try out and buy new makeup, not really, but you get the point!

Let me set the stage, Sunday afternoon, grey skies and pouring rain. After reading Tali's blog and Yinka's, which by the way if you don't read their blogs you are missing out, two of my absolute favorites. Between their biting wit, honest opinions, gorgeous faces and in depth reviews you will be hooked like I am. You can find Tali here and Yinka here. Anyway, after reading about them going on about Inglot I needed to go. I begged my best friend to come with me in the pouring rain, what a good best friend she is, as she agreed to come (later to purchase her own Inglot goodies). Thanks Stephy, your barbie pink lipstick looks wonderful on you, even after our Tracy Anderson butt kicking, I mean, workout.

Inglot is a new brand to hit the US beauty scene, there is only one store in the US so far and it is in Times Square. Ingot hails from Poland but has been in Europe for quite some time. Every time I travel to London for work I try to get over there and I never do. Such is life...

We dragged it up to Times Square, which by the way, if you are a native new yorker, you try to stay very, very far away from. The Inglot store is very brightly lit with TONS of colors and options. I could not even control myself I wound up staying only 20 minutes, but within that 20 minutes I whirled around wanted and buying everything in my way. You could call me a Tasmanian devil of sorts.

The prices are very reasonable, the colors are gorgeous and the formula's rival MAC. I haven't tried all the products yet but I will show you the two that I have been wearing and am loving right now.

Inglot's version of a Slim shine, its a glossy lipstick formula. It is a gorgeous, dare I say perfect baby pink but with the perfect amount of brightness. I am very pleased with this color and lasting power, for reference this is #56. The formula is soft, glossy and moisturizing, however it does take a few swipes to get a lot of pigment. Once you get the color onto your lips it is perfect though. This is good for the brighter colors that people may not want to be so pigmented.

The lip gloss is standout product, called their Sleek lip glosses. I went for the cream formulation. This is a gorgeous medium bright pink. very pigmented and long lasting. How genius is the packaging? I love it. You can compare this to Illamasqua's intense glosses. It doesnt have the color on the tube, which is a negative because once I throw out the box I wont know what color it is. Annoying!

I was trying to capture a truer representation of the actual color. Although, the picture quality isn't the best, this most accurately represents the color.

On my lips, I don't know what happened to this picture. Little bugger...

Literally, the only negative thing I have to say is the sales associates were not up to par as lets say a MAC SA. They were not particularly knowledgeable or willing to help. They kind of stood around. I like sales associates not to be up in my face but when i actually ask for help just to buy something and they are still dozing off that is a bad sign!

All in all this is a fabulous brand, I cant wait to share more products with you that I got, such as the eye shadows, the freedom palettes, the lipsticks, the lip paints and more glosses!

Have any of you tried this out yet? Thoughts?



  1. Pity about the sales assistants!! Sometimes that can put me off entirely and i find myself just walking out of somewhere (lol im like a agressive driver when i go make-up shopping!)
    Great haul.. very restrained and you chose lovely colors!! xx

  2. Tali- oh no, there is a lot more at home. I just posted 2 of the things so far! I tried to restrain myself. I failed! x

  3. I've been using this brand since forever and I love almost everything x

  4. Ooh I've always been interested in Inglot, it's great to see a review!

  5. that was fun :) yay barbie pink lipstick xoxo

  6. stephy- barbie pink suits you girllllllllll

  7. thanks so much for inspiring me via Twitter to suck it up and go to Inglot! xox I can't wait to play with everything in the store =)

  8. Joey- I hope you enjoy it. Let me know how it goes!!

  9. Ahhh the SA's in Inglot 'stand around' here too. I kinda like that though as it gives me enough time to browse in peace before they eventually approach me LOL

    Enjoy your buys and thanks for the mention hon xx