Monday, March 8, 2010

Review: The Socializer by Elizabeth Grant 3.8.10

Elizabeth Grant's PR contacted me and offered to send me a prodcut for review and I obliged.
I researched the company and found out it was a skin company, I was hesitant because everyones skin is different so how would she know what to send me? She did not ask me any questions about my skin type.

I forgot about it and about 2 weeks later i got a package with "The Socializer" inside.

The packaging was very cute, however that is where it ends beacuse as soon as I opened it one of the tubes was damaged and broken. Right off the back that is a huge signal to me, POOR QUALITY packaging! That is a big turn off to me. It almost made me want to throw it right out, I hate having broken things laying around.

I decided to give it a go, however as soon as I clicked the button to get the product out it oozed out of the cracked packaing.


Anyway, I used it for 3 nights with no difference in under eye circles or puffiness. For me, this product was a big fail and I would not be interested in looking further into it. I know this is quite harsh but there are tons of products out there, they have to be quality for me to like it.

However, if you are interested in this product below is the information from the website.

"The Socializer™ Bright Lights (AM)

Late night last night? No problem. With The Socializer™ Bright Lights you can go straight from owning the bar to owning the boardroom. It’s all the hydrating, cooling, soothing, de-puffing, dark-circle-erasing, illuminating action we could fit into one tiny tube.
How to use: AM: Apply 1-2 clicks to the under eye area after cleansing and gently massage in.

The Socializer™ Late Nights (PM)

From flashing lights to goodnight, The Socializer™ Late Nights is your key to looking like it never happened. It’s your too-much-fun-too-little-sleep remedy; apply before you crash and wake up looking like you slept like a baby.
How to use: PM: Apply 1-2 clicks to the under eye area after cleansing and gently massage in.

Technology: Ulva Lactuca– a unique algae that helps improve the skin's elasticity and support fibers Matrixyl– increases collagen synthesis, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, regenerates skin Allantoin- relieves irritated skin, healing Chamomile- soothes and calms the skin"

Has anyone tried anything from Elizabeth Grant they like?



  1. ahh disappointed as i've been looking for an eye product a bit like this. never mind! x

  2. Oh that's too bad!

    I've had good experience with Elizabeth Grant's serums -- solved my dehydrated skin problems this winter. It really did. But everyone's skin is different so I can only speak for myself :-)


  3. Hey Dara
    It's a shame you feel this way! I emailed you last night to offer to overnight you a replacement. A broken product doesn't mean a bad product, it just means bad shipping. I do feel its important to give a working product a chance before you dismiss it.

  4. Alice, I would look into smashbox, they have an amazing under eye illuminator.

  5. Michele- I am sure they have a lot of great products! xx

  6. Margot- Thank you for your comment, however the poor packaging was not due to shipping and I did try out the product with no evident results.

    I apologize that you are not satisfied with my review. However, I feel as a person that has a blog for the pure love of beauty and nothing else it is my "duty" to be honest and share what I would and not recommend based on all factors, including quality of packaging and if it works or not.

    thank you