Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Obsession Du Jour: The Braid 3.30.10

The. Braid. Is. Back.

And if those aren't enough braids to convince you. Take a look below!

Everyone from my favorite, Alexander Wang to Miu Miu to Rachel McAdams is rocking the side braid. I, for one love this look. So great and easy for the hot weather. The braid however isn't your grandmothers braid. Its messier, sexier and all around HOTTER.

Some tips on how to achieve this:

1. Preferably braid your hair on unwashed hair, give it a day. You dont want that shiny soft feel to it.
2. Side Part your hair.
3. Tease it at the crown a bit.
4. Bring all your hair to one side and start plaiting.
5. One the braid is done. Messy it up a bit!


I for sure will be rocking this... will you?



  1. Love it! Im wearing my hair hair in a braid today! :-)
    Sami xx

  2. I gotta try this tomorrow:)


  3. Of course, i will!!!

    Nice report ;)

  4. HA! for once braiding my hair is trendy not a sign of not know what to do with my hair!!!
    Thank you for the ego bust love!

    lots of nibbles!!

  5. Naiyana- I am glad to be of help!!! xx

  6. YES, I will be rocking this! I love braids!

  7. Muhsine- your hair will look so fab in a braid!

  8. i wear my hair this way almost every other day--and for sure, as it's drying! if i don't watch out it can go from cute to little house on the prairie in seconds! great blog :)

  9. My hair is too short for side braiding like this... I can do little fringe braids though. Can I be cool too?

  10. i love love love this look! laid back but sexy! the only problem i have is my hair isn't long enough to achieve that chunky long plait :( has anyone experimented with hair clip ins? its a look im so wanting to rock this summer!
    p.s my 30 day shred dvd is in the post, fingers crossed ill get it today!

  11. Becky C- Cant wait to hear about your 30 day shred success!