Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Obsession Du Jour: Nudge 3.23.10

I have been overloaded with Pastel nail polishes and to be honest I am already a bit over them. As is life... Anyway, the lovely as ever Alex from Illamasqua and the voice behind their blog sent me a bottle of their new Pastel Nail Varnishes in the color Nudge.

Anyway, she sent this about a month or so ago and I had been staring at it for quite a while and never really tempted to put it on. Last week, I was urged by the gods above to paint my nails with it. I am SO happy i did. This is my absolute favorite nail polish color I think maybe ever. I know I know, that is a bold statement and possibly a bit of a hyperbole but I really am obsessed with it. It is a pastel but a bright pastel, it is a cross between aqua and mint, leaning toward aqua more. On the Illamasqua website they describe this as a "creamy mint ice cream". I do not find this to be accurate as I have tried China Glaze "Re-fresh Mint" and that is a true mint green, this definitely has a dash of aqua in it. The mint green color looks sickly and yellow next to this.

The formula is a very creamy opaque color, no shimmer or glitter and easy to apply. This might be one of my favorites to apply. I put it on with 2 thin coats and it is completely opaque. Something about this color is flattering on my beginning to tan skin.

The color is VERY hard to exactly capture. I took a few pictures in different lighting to give you an accurate idea.

Here it is on the Illamasqua website, it is the third from the left.

Here is a bottle on my messy counter with night lighting.

And lastly, here it is 1 week after application in the cab this morning... practically chip free, which for me is a huge achievement because I am rough on my hands and I love to pick at nail polish!

Thoughts? Will you be trying out Illamasqua Pastels?


  1. I really like the one you have on your nails. It is like a really pretty spearmint color or something. Is it bad I have a Marc Jacobs bag this exact color, so I want the nailpolish to match..haha I'll have to check those polishes out, I'm on a bit of a polish kick right now.

  2. Logan- thats a good way to describe it...spearmint!! thanks!

  3. This is like Barry M's mint green, although much more expensive I imagine.
    Great review x

  4. Lauren- Barry M's is a bit greener, this has a little more aqua!

  5. Krista- Milf looks so pretty, and what a great name! Love it!

  6. i love mint greens. Do you know how this one compares to Essie's mint candy apple?



  7. Probably a pass - these look way too cool for my skintone.

  8. Elle- This one is a lot more aqua and cool than essie's.