Thursday, March 18, 2010

Trending Du Jour 3.18.10

Bonjour ladies, now that spring is officially here (it is 70 degree's in NYC today), I wanted to do a bit of trending for you all. Below are the big hits of the season and things to look out for in spring summer 2010! I am sure being the beauty mavens you all are, you know about 95% of this information. Heck, we start the trends here!

#1 The Ocean Rules.

Everyone from Lancome to La Mer to Laura Mercier is using sea derived extracts to up up thier beauty products. Examples of this are sea water in Laura Mercier's face cream, sea weed extract in Lancome's Face Bronzer and algae in Catwalk's mousse. Dive in!

#2 Blossoming Gardens.

I found this trend to span from fashion to beauty. First, Liberty floral prints made its way across the pond to Target and MAC. H&M is putting out a garden collection. In beauty news, Tweezerman is putting out a garden edition with dragonfly's and lady bugs. Super Cute! Dior is taking it a step further by using flower extracts from jasmine and roses in skin care. It even jumps into fragrance, Jo Malone is re-releasing their exclusive Rose Collection.

#3 Jewel of the Winter, Chinese Apple, Apple of Grenada... Pomegranate.

We all know the health benefits and the delicious factor of a pomegranate. Now beauty titans are calling on the ancient fruit for its restorative and protective quality's in skin care and fragrance. Marc Jacobs has a new splash perfume called pomegranate (I will be picking this up for sure!) Origins has a brightening peel pad using the acids from pomegranates. This even is trickling down to drugstore brands such as Aveno and Dove in the forms of body washes and body mists. I am in the mood for a Pomegranate now!

#4 On the Go.

It is all about women on the go, who have a fast pased, mulitasking lifestyle. The modern day Olympiad. Natura Bisse has the "Cure Sheer Cream", its tinted, deflected AVA, has water binding ingredients to hold moisture in and a silicone to smooth. Multipurpose at its best. Slap it on and you are out of the door. Bobbi Brown has a Brightening Face Base which is a lightening complex, and sun block (UVA and UVB). The drugstores have some great products in this category, Garnier has a brush delivering system that combines cell renewal with cleanser. Very cool! Neutrogena has a new face wipe cleanser, love them, that combines salicylic acids with menthol to cool you down and clear at the same time with a great new packaging.

#5 Get your Glow on.

Glowing Glowing Glowing. However, This is now the trend but I consider this a rule! Everyone from NARS, with his new Orgasm Illuminator to the new Tarina Tarantino Pearl Glow Primer to Sisley's Radiant Glow Mask. Everyone wants to look bright and glowing for the season. I am on board. I am interesting in trying out Avon's new Anew illuminating eye system, which is supposed to have short term and long term effects. I will be using my NARS multiple in Luxor and MAC MSF By Candlelight to get my glow on!

#6 Sugar Lips.

Its all about the Lips, but as if we didn't know that already. Lancome is out with thier L'Absolu Creme de Brilliance, Givenchy has a new lip stain, Chanel released their Coco Lip Color, Tarte's has a new Gel Lip Stains. We already have Illamasqua's super bright pigmented lipsticks and MAC staples. Pucker up, its all about bright color!

#7 Sweet Clementine.
Orange. EVERYWHERE. Where it be in the form of a coral or a peach nail polish. All shades, tones, derivative of orange colors are everywhere for this season. Lips, Nails, Shoes and Accessories. I am particularly fond of the cult classic Hermes Orange and my Illamasqua Over lipstick.

#8 Naked Nudity.

Neutrals! While orange is everywhere it is just an accent upon Neutrals. This again is spanning through bueaty to fashion. MAC's neutral centric collection called "Pret-a-Papier" to every designers palette of cement, cream, blush, nude, ivory, taupes and dove greys. I have been on the bandwagon for quite some time as have many of you with Nude Lipsticks and nude eyes.

What are you seeing as trends?


  1. Hey love your blog. Would love to see more of your and your outfit posts. You have great style and I would love to see what your wearing this Spring.
    THanks! :) xoxo

  2. Oh I love me a nude eye with a defined black eyeliner (top lid only) and a strong brow. I have recently jumped on the coral train just because I was afraid of color - years and seasons of nude milky pinks (still love btw. What I welcome this time of year is the return of island scents - anything involving coconut I love! That said Victoria Secret has a line of new Island inspired scents. I am assuming these are LE.

  3. What a great post! I am home visiting the parents for a few days (NYC tri state area suburbs) and the weather is TO DIE FOR! Ah, aren't you loving it?! Makes me want to do more spring shopping asap! xoxo

  4. I love trends but not real good at following any...I always kind of do my own thing. I love color so I always use color. I am a more neutral lip person though but am loving the GaGa lipstick...Some of the indie lines I buy from are coming out with spring colors so I am interested in seeing what will come out....

  5. Pinkangelbabe- Thank you so much, I will! x

  6. lexi- I love that look too, very modern! Coral is a great way to introduce a bit of coral into your life. I love island scents too! x

  7. Logan- Thank you, the weather is RIDICULOUS! I am so happy!

  8. Krista- You dont ever have to follow trends, its great to march to the beat of your own drum! x

  9. Thanks Muhsine! How is Riley's bf?

  10. Thanks so much for this post,I found it very informative.I'll surely check out some of the products you suggested!

  11. You have your finger on the pulse of what's cool, I love the heck out of your blog :) Glad your getting some nice weather, sunshine is good for the soul. Florida is getting sunny finally but today is rainy and perfect to catch up on one of my fave blogs. Xoxo

  12. Awesome posts! I'm glad that NYC is getting plenty of sunshine. We have sunshine here in Texas as well.