Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Inglotting Du Jour 3.17.10

You all are so interested in Inglot! Here is the rest of the Inglot purchases (minus what I have already showed you).

I really am loving this brand. I love the affordability, the range and the quality. I think this brand has a great opportunity to grow and expand in the US. I would liken it to a MAC sensibility. It has the same range of colors and finishes, however, I have not delved into the skin products and I highly doubt I will (I vowed to not test new foundation products to give my skin a well needed break after months of testing new products and wreaking havoc on my skin).

Lets start with the Lip products. I wanted to test out a range of products so I got the Sleek lip gloss, lipsticks, a holographic lip gloss and lip paints.

The three lip paints are on the left hand side and the two lipsticks are on the right. With one, lonesome, liquid eyeliner on the bottom (So pretty!). The lip paints are packaged similar to NARS lip lacquers but these blow NARS out of the water. Number 1 the smell is tolerable, even nice and pleasant, sort of a sweet something. I haven't quite put my finger on it. I am uber sensitive to bad smells. The pigmentation on these are out of the world, they are actually unbelievable. They also have a huge array of colors. I just picked up three.. FOR NOW!

Next up, lipsticks. The packaging is nice, nothing otherworldly, just plain black casing. The color array makes up for that. The colors and finishes are huge! I picked up two pinks, a medium cool toned pink and a very light baby pink. They have finishes that range from creams, sheers, to mattes and shimmers. The pigmentation is great, and the lasting power is fabulous. However, I do not find them very moisturizing. This is solved with a layer of a light lip balm underneath. My favorite for layering under lipsticks is Rosebud Salve. It absorbs really quickly.

Lastly, the holographic lip gloss. This needs its own post to accurately show the gorgeous-ness of this product. It is like a rainbow in a tube, my best friend and I were oooh-ing and aah-ing over it. I don't need more lip gloss but I needed this one because it was SO pretty. Its a pink color, and gives a sheer 3d effect, almost a plumping effect. This does not last a long time on your lips.

I will show you more of the lip products later on.

The hugest standout product is the eyeshadow. Wow, buttery smooth and soft, like silk. The pigmentation is UNREAL. The color array is VAST, dare I even say rivals MAC? They also have an amazing "freedom system" you can build your own palettes basically however you like, circle pans, square pans, 3 pan palettes, 5 pan palettes and of course singles. Look at the payoff from one swipe! On top of that, the price of a 5 pan FILLED palette is $22. You can not beat that. The brush is $8 extra, and I was initially like "Eh" as brushes in palettes are usually junky, but this one is great for touch ups on the go and the inner corners of your eyes.

PS- I finally found my perfect Gucci Purple!
Major Score!

What are your thoughts on Inlgot?


  1. AAAAAAAAah Belle - you are right. You have made me want to shop! LOL. I need access to this brand in Toronto!! Love what you picked up.


  2. Im literally drrrrooooooling!
    May have to stop by tomorrow and get a 3 pan palette to satisfy my cravings. Great choices!!!! xox

  3. Funily enough none of the e/s wowed me when I was in there. I like the colours you chose for your Freedom Palette, I'll have to have another look at the e/s.
    I really rate the lip paints ...but you know this already! Amen for finding your 'Gucci purple'! That hunt has lasted for MONTHS!! LOL

  4. WOW what a gorgeous palette!! I love love all the colors you chose!

  5. love the color of pink lip gloss, so gorgeous!!!

  6. @Lipstick Rules

    I am from Canada and if you dont know already, there is an Inglot in Ottawa at the Rideau Center (mall)!! its been there for awhile... at least 4 years! it looks a lot like mac from what I remember!

  7. I am loving Inglot but I have to trek all the way to london (300+miles away) to get my fix. next time ima haul good and proper!

  8. Ah everything looks gorgeous, stop it!! These posts aren't good for my pocket :) Great post!

  9. @ Lipstickrules: Told you so!

    @ Tali: this is all your fault, I am now addicted.

    @ Vex- Did you check out the purple?

  10. @ Aleksis- you need to check them out if you have a chance. They are so great.

    @ Thank you Pinky.

  11. Muhsine- stay far away if you want to save yourself! x

  12. God, these eyeshadows are gorgeous!!!!
    Especially the last 4 ones!

    And finally you found your Gucci purple, I 'm so excited for you!!!! :)))


  13. what are the color names if they are numbered can u include them?