Tuesday, January 18, 2011

In's and Out's Du Jour 1.18.11

Haven't done one of these in a while and I love reading other peoples so I figured I would do one as well.

  • Roots or more affectionately known as the Ombre hair trend.
  • Emergen-C Pink Lemonade
  • OPI Go On my Own Way Nail polish- Totally unique. A dusty blue grey gunmetal steel with a teal micro shimmer. Gorgeous
  • MAC Mega Metal Spectacle of Yourself eyeshadow
  • Hourglass Cosmetic Eye-shadows... Wow. The quality is phenomenal (more on this later)
  • Origins Vitazing. This is magic, I swear.
  • Using your creativity. Being Creative in general.
  • LUSH Sea Salt Exfoliator
  • Barcelona and Ibiza. I am going to see my sister in early spring. She is studying abroad there and I can not wait!!

  • Mariachi bands on the subway. Really though? Does anyone want to hear that at 8am on your commute to work? No.
  • MAC Mega Metal Unflappable Eyeshadow
  • Slush. Grey wet slush.
  • Chipped Nails. They just always make you look unkempt.
  • People applying makeup on the subway. I don't know why but it makes me nauseous.
  • UGGS- I hate them, I wear them and I hate them (I know, that makes no sense, but when my feet are freezing they are great but I HATE how they look. Gross!)

What are yours?


  1. I totally agree about the UGGS. Sometimes they really are necessary which is unfortunate! I'm dying to try the Hourglass shadows after seeing them on temptalia!

  2. I love these! please continue doing them! :)

  3. I hate UGGS too because i think they are uggly.
    Thats the UGG name come from UGGly...
    I never had and i will never have one..
    I loveee your blog
    miss you on YT though


  4. They're called Ughs for a reason. They're UGGly.

  5. I totally apply my makeup on the subway/metro north/bus every morning! *bbm embarrased face* HAHA

  6. VitaZing Rocks!! That and a dusting of MSF natural creates a natural, flawless face!! Love!!

  7. I dont know if i like ombre hair or not, it can look dirty without the right style.

  8. ahh I love Barcelona! I also love UGGs too though! They may not be the most attractive things but they are soooo comfy and go with pretty much anything :)



  9. Definitely going to agree with you about people playing music early on the morning on ANY subway system. When I lived in Paris there always seemed to be a troupe of South American pipers playing at 8 am while I was on my way to class!


  10. Barcelona and Ibiza will be brilliant, both are very different but amazing. Love In & Out posts, mine are on my blog.

  11. I'd love to see a review of vitazing!

  12. IBIZA!!!! uggs are everybodys guilty pleausre. Only one thing uglier than an ugg boot...a fake ugg boot Xx

  13. ugh chipped nails are my pet peeve also, i absolutely hate them! i'd rather have no polish than chipped polish aha

  14. Uggs may look vile but they're stupidly warm and cosy!

  15. I HATE UGGS BUT WEAR THEM TOO! Your not alone! I try to just wear them for taking the trash out or something... not if I am going to be around people. worst boot ever.

  16. lol I like UGGS! :P Such a cozy, casual look.

    Now Crocs... I hate those, but I wear them anyway... lol *hides in shame*

  17. hmm origins vitazing looks really interesting, i hope you do a review post on that soon. have you tried the estee lauder daywear sheer tint before? i see the pixiwoo/pixi2woo girls use it all the time and wonder how they compare.

  18. I am from NorCal and the only time I would see UGGS were on the feet of Surfers just keeping warm on the beach - that's it. I was annoyed when I saw them on the feet of young Celebrities everywhere.

    Glad to know that my dark roots are in and here I was thinking that I looked cheap because of I have an inch of root showing.

    Awe, I love Unflappable shadow!! What's in for me? Making nice with the permanent shades in my makeup case.

  19. oh and yes, please do go to Barcelona! I went two years ago and I cannot wait to go back.

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