Thursday, January 20, 2011

Naked Du Jour 1.20.11

I know some of you ladies have still not been able to get your hands on the Naked Palette.
Here is some GREAT news from our friends at Urban Decay.

I still highly recommend this palette, if i had to pick one palette for the rest of my life, this would be it. I use it all the time. When I run out...I 100% will purchase another.

Do you have your palette yet? Will you pick it up? Do you love it as much as I do?


  1. Thanks for this, I still haven't managed to get one yet (not for the want of trying!) :)

    Catherine x

  2. just ordered one today! been waiting ages!!

    sophie @


  3. Catherine, be on the look out soon for it! x

  4. Sophie- that is great news. I am sure you will love it as much as i do. Its fabulous x

  5. I've had mine for awhile now. I had ordered it from the day it came out. I have to say this is by far my faaaaaavorite palatte. I use almost everyday. I LOVE all of the colors and they are so soft and blendable. It is great for traveling, grab this palette and your pretty much good to go : ) Def worth the price and then some!

  6. I knew I wanted this palette for Christmas so I looked around shops here in Ireland and they were all sold out and weren't getting them back in stock until sometime late January they said. My mother was taking a trip to New York late November so she tried to find it for me in Macy's and Sephora but they were also sold out. My brother was in New York during December but couldn't find one but on his flight home he saw it advertised in the duty free booklet and he asked the stewardess and they had one left and he bought it for me! Bless him, the poor boy knows absolutely NOTHING about make up and yet he was the one to get it for me. I was if anyone hasn't got it yet I really recommend it :)

  7. I've had mine for a while now too. FAV PALETTE EVER.

  8. Yep, best palette ever!!! The colours are all amazing. I love it :)

  9. Ahh I want this palette so badd, but of course it's impossible to get a hold of. I can't wait till they get it back in stock. Sucks that the liner won't be in there anymore though!

  10. I use NARS treasures of paris a lot and a MAC custom made one all the time. I cant wait to get the Naked palette...

  11. I bought a Naked palette back in August but I just bought a backup from Sephora. I love collecting the 24/7 pencils but I think many will prefer the brush. A lot of people collect UD palettes religiously so they complain about having TOO many pencils. Maybe the brush will be refreshing for some.

  12. I heard about the pencil problem and brush replacement last week on Facebook. It seems like another reason would have caused the issue, but whatever... as long as people get them. The brush is a better deal and people were still complaining. I bought mine in September. I had to go to a tiny Sephora and get on their personal list.

  13. That's awesome, I actually think the brush is a much better idea~ Too bad I've already ordered mine earlier, maybe I should get a backup lol

  14. I love mine. Fully recommend it. Th pencils are good, but you can easily buy a full size and slot it in!
    :) x

  15. I bought mine when it launched in Ireland in September. It takes ages for things to sell out in Ireland because there isn't that much demand for exclusive products, however because of the lack of demand, it takes AGES for them to restock.

  16. I live in the UK and its still out of stock everywhere! I'm so desperate for this though, so I will continue on my search.

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  18. I bought one in the summer but I would have preferred this one with the brush!

  19. It's a very good palette, even on dark skin. I had my doubts. I think it would be great with the liner on one end and the brush on the other!

  20. i love the naked palette! i've been using it everyday since i've had it! kind of glad i have the pencils rather than the brush, but that's only because i've never tried their pencils before!

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