Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mickey Contractor Du Jour 1.16.11

I am kind of late on this review but life has been getting the best of me.

Anyway, as I am sure you all are aware MAC has collaborated with Mickey Contractor and put out a very small limited collection at only the top 22 stores worldwide.

I had the opportunity to pick up a few pieces of this collection. I picked three pieces to me these are the MUST HAVES of the collection. They are all limited edition and very versatile and easy to wear for all skin tones.

I picked up:
  • Ivy Fluidline: This was the item I was most excited about and kind of the most disappointed in. I love the color and do not have anything like it however, it is not as pigmented as it should be. If you just swipe it once it is sheer and needs another layer to make it opaque. For me, this isn't a huge issue but I could see other people not being happy about it. Although, the color is gorgeous, its a deep green with a very fine golden shimmer. I have been using this as a liner on my upper lash line along with along the bottom lash line. I am really loving it even though it does have the above issues.

  • Siahi Fluidline: This was the hot product of the collection, it is a deep but bright turquoise blue. I got this to wear as a bold liner color with a bare face. I really love that look for spring or summer. It has a slight shimmer to it that is gorgeous. Its also a nice alternative to black liner. This is blue without being 1980's Boca Florida grandma blue! Again I have been using this as an upper and lower liner. Its pigmented and very smooth. Once on does. not. budge!

  • Gana Blush: This is labeled a blush but this is really a highlighter, this is a more intense version of NARS Albatross. This is a frosty true white gold. I absolutely love this, its smooth and creamy with NO glitter. This is a neutral color and will work on warm and cool skin tones. MAC doesn't have anything really like this color, the closest I can think of is Nylon eyeshadow but Nylon is a lot more yellow.

These are not the greatest pictures. I have lightly swiped on top with my finger so you can see the sheerness. I have also used one stroke of an eyeliner brush so you can see that below as well. Gana is on my inner wrist.

Gana on the left and Chez Chez Lame on the right. Gana is much whiter and frostier.

Have you picked up anything? Are you planning on it?
What are your thoughts on the collection?

PS- By the way you can expect much better pictures soon as I have just ordered my Nikon D90.


  1. Not a fan of bright colours, this collection is not something so special, since MAC has a lot of similar colours. However i would pickup the bright pink lipstick if i didnt own MAC girl about town already. Thanks for this post.

  2. i have no idea who mickey contractor is :| guess i need to go and visit google now.

  3. The fluid lines look so nice. I bought the Athma palette from this collection and really like it. Wanted to get the Gana blush too because it looks so gorgeous.. My budget doesn't stretch that far though!

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