Monday, January 31, 2011

Black Pearl Du Jour 1.31.11

You all are probably very familiar with Chanel's new "IT" nail polish of the moment, Black Pearl. I usually do not get sucked into Chanel's IT colors. While, I do LOVE chanel's nail polishes I just usually do not go crazy for the trendy fad nail polishes that people usually run for (Particuliere, Paradoxal, Jade, Riva etc). I usually have something similar to the color or I am just not bowled over buy it. I think while Chanel's nailpolishes are on the pricey side at $27 USD, they do have unique colors and the quality is worth it.

Well, I have to make an exception to the above statement. I am absolutely in love with Chanel's Black Pearl.

The color is SO unique, I have nothing like it in my gargantuan collection. It truly depicts the color of a Black Tahitian Pearl. It is way more complex than your typical run of the mill gun metal. It is a blue, green, steel gunmetal. Depending on the light, it will pull more green or blue, but not shout "hey im wearing blue or green polish". It has the gunmetal base but the luminosity of the Tahitian pearl that makes you go " this green or blue?" It is interesting because this is totally not a shimmery nail polish but when you look at it in the light you can see micro, and I mean MICRO blue shimmer. It is just phenomenal.

Let me move on to the formula, Love it. I have no problems with it, streak free and opaque in two coats. I put seche vite over it and Voila, PERFECT! Shiny and creamy!

I wanted to show you the pictures from Chanel's runway when the models wore Black Pearl and the Makeup that went back to it.

Close up on the models hands...

I found this collage of the Black Pearl color on a bunch of different hands while looking around the web.

Here is a swatch on my grubby hands at work, I am in love!
You can try to get this color at Chanel's website here. I know places are now sold out of this color, however I picked it up at Barney's on Madison on Saturday. You can always call them if you just HAVE to have it!

Do you have this?
Will you be picking it up?


  1. I picked this up right after Christmas and I also love it! It is so UNIQUE! It was so worth the $23 I paid.

  2. I just picked this up on Friday, I believe it only came out then here in the UK. I adore it. The lady on the Chanel counter said it was going so fast and didn't think they'd have any left by Monday!

    I was a little disappointed with the formula though, I expected it to be great in just one coat like Particuliere but it wasn't. I always apply two coats though and it was perfect in that :) I'm so pleased I picked this up, worth every penny! xx

  3. I love your ring! I will be getting it when i can find it here for sure.

  4. I really can't wait to get this polish, I love darks on my nails but I am not so keen on wearing black this time of year :) I also really like the look of the Jersey Rose :)

  5. Desire for this colour: extremely high. Chances of actually getting hold of this colour in the UK: minimal. I am definately going to try though! xx

  6. Very unique! Would I pay the high price tag for it? No way! But I'd be interested in seeing what kind of dupes people discover for it!

    Good post!

  7. I think I am with Barbie above, like the color but don't want to spend that much on a nail polish...

  8. i agree with everyting you said! i never go for that it colour either, but this ones looks AMAZING! i love gunmetals, so i HAVE to get that! :) and yes, they are pricey, but the ones i have are AMAZING, last a LOOOOONG time without getting dry, so i see chanel polishes as an investment! ;)

  9. This one IS going to be much harder to dupe, so I agree, it's worth the price. Looks really elegant and sophisticated - more so than jet black nails. I agree it's pricey, but it's the perfect price point for a gift for a girlfriend's birthday, for example... too bad mine's not till September!
    - Catherine at The Spring
    ps I did a feature on retinol on my blog over the weekend and linked to your post on the Philosophy product - which I thought was very well written!

  10. I absolutely love this nail polish! It's been on my nails since I picked it up 2 weeks ago! A must have for sure! =)

    You really shouldn't use Seche Vite. I read on the bottle that it contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects and reproductive harm. I had just bought a new bottle, and threw it out as soon as I found this out! I'm so impatient when painting my nails that this product was a Godsend, but I really would rather be able to have children with all their toes and fingers, than have my nails dry in no time. Just a thought!

    Andrée xx

  11. Hey Dara! Though I haven't actually seen Black Pearl in person, I have a polish here that looks like it may be a dupe. It's the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Gunmetal. It's a beautiful colour!

  12. In love with Chanel's Black Pearl! Love the color against my sea foam green Chanel bag and it goes with my business suits to my casualwear. I pay for Chanel nail polishes, Tom Ford lipsticks because I seriously glean joy from luxury products that are actually formulated with true luxury in mind! Hey I've wasted money on other "crapola" many times and Chanel always delivers! Love Chanel!

  13. Hey Dara! I love this polish and I love this color. I usually wear neutrals on my nails because trendy colors just don't look good on me... =/ like I'm trying too hard or something!! But this is the only exception, I still feel like myself when wearing it and it's such a universally flattering shade. I also picked up the Peche Nacree which is the peachy pearl one. I love how the nail colors Pearl Drop, Peche Nacree and Black Pearl echo the colors of the Regarde Perle eyeshadow quad! :)

  14. OH my!!! I love that!!!! I must have it!!!! Thanks again doll for the fantastic post!!!!

  15. Love the nail, so vintage and misterious.

    i'm following u hope u can follow me.


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