Friday, February 4, 2011

Obsession Du Jour 2.4.11

I am obsessed with this campaign for Tom Ford's sunglasses line.

Abbey Lee Kershaw is perfection in my book (a whole seperate post on her coming up...). I think she is exquisite!

I love the red lipstick and dramatic eyes in this campaign. A fire alarm red with steel grey eyes. It is gorgeous. It is interestingly modern and fresh while being heavy on the makeup which is sometimes hard to do.

Styled by my god... Tom Ford.

Thoughts on the makeup?


  1. Interesting, pretty sure I saw this on Sandra's blog.. original.

  2. i love abbey lee!! she looks incredible not really a fan of platinum blonde but its looks amazing on her!! also how did your hair turn out doll?hope you twitpic soon!x

  3. I want these glasses, in fact i may get them if they come out here! Abbey is absolutely perfect, and i like Coco Rocha too.

  4. i LOVE Abbey Lee Kershaw and I'm dying for those sunglasses! Even in fashion shows - she seems like such a fun girl - like someone I want to grab a drink with!

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