Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Favorite Places in NYC Du Jour 2.22.11

This has been a huge reader request, especially by readers from out of town and looking to visit.

What are some of my favorite, must go to spots in New York City?

I am going to break it down for you by:
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping
  • Beauty
  • Activities

New York City is huge and can be daunting if only visiting for a week. So many places to go, so let's get started.

Restaurants (I love eating out, these are just a few of my very favorites) This are scattered throughout the city.
  • Cafeteria- Chelsea- the famous macaroni and cheese spring roles.
  • Mole-West Village
  • Peter Lugers in Brooklyn
  • Delicatessen - Soho- You need to try the Cheeseburger spring rolls but everything is FAB here.
  • Westville- West Village
  • Marys Fish Camp- West Village
  • Avra-Midtown- Mediterranean food
  • Tao- Midtown
  • Cafe Cluny- West Village- Best breakfast
  • Bond St-Noho- Great sushi
  • Nobu- Tribeca- Famous sushi
  • Babbo- West Village
  • Lupa Osteria- Soho- my favorite little Italian place, great wine and great food. My favorite dish is the Cacio e Pepe. Simple but perfect.
  • Burger and Barrel- Burgers and tater tots. New to new york city but amazing.
  • Momoya- Chelsea- great alternative to Nobu and Bond St.
  • Cafe Habana- Soho- THE CORN!
  • Dinosaur Barbeque- Harlem- Chicken wings sent from the gods.
  • Mr. Chows- Midtown
  • Grand Daisy Bakery- Soho- (not a restaurant a quick place to grad the best pizza ever)
  • La Esquina - Soho- Chorizo Quesaduilla, the corn and watermelon juice. delish.
  • Serafina- Upper East Side
  • Phillipe- Upper East Side
  • Carmines- Upper West Side
  • The Mermaid Inn- East Village
  • Kuma Inn- Lower East Side- A secret place that you need to hunt down but so worth it!
  • Schillers Lower East Side - Garlic Shrimp, Mac N Cheese, Steak et Frites, Sticky Toffee Pudding
  • Flex Mussels- Village- New find, amazing. My best friend took me here...if you love mussles and fries. You must go and try the Parma Mussels and the homemade salted caramel donuts for desert. oh wow!
  • Apizz- Lower East Side
  • Lure Fish Bar- Soho
  • Balthazar- Soho- A new york staple
  • SO MANY MORE....

  • J.Crew
  • Sucre
  • J.Crew Bridal on Madison- not only bridal but really special pieces.
  • Barneys
  • Oak
  • Curve
  • JBNY
  • Bergdorf Goodman
  • Jeffreys
  • Some Odd Rubies
  • Intermix
  • Barneys Beauty Floor (Basement)
  • Bergdorf Goodman Beauty Floor (Basement)
  • Sephora
  • Space NK- Soho

Sight Seeing
  • Museum of Modern Art (MOMA)
  • The Metropolitan- The met
  • Museum of Natural History (My favorite- Dino's and Gems!)
  • The High line Park
  • Central Park- When its nice out, eat at the boathouse and take a canoe out for the day. SO FUN!
  • The Whitney Museum- This is a personal favorite as my great aunt has photo's of herself hanging here shot by Andy Warhol. She was a friend of his back in the 60's. Cool!
These are some of my favorite things to do in New York City.
As you can see I love to eat!


  1. Thanks for this hon, plenty more places for me to explore x

  2. My friend is going over to NY for her birthday in May. I can't afford to go with her but I'll definitely give her this list. x

  3. Perfect timing on the post! I am going for 4th of July weekend. I will definitely check out some of the stores you mentioned as well as the restaurants!

  4. Thank you very much doll! Planning to go to NY for Easter! Now even more exited ;) xx

  5. Your friend from Hawaii sends you a BIG MAHALO (thank you)... Already printed this list out and can't wait for New York this summer!! Love it! Thanks D! ~luv, T!

  6. Thanks for posting this! I go to NYC once a year and I'm always looking for new places to eat.. =)


  7. Thank you for this! Unfortunately no NY visit in sight but it is something to dream about :)

  8. This is so bookmarked for when i go to NYC xx


  9. so happy you mentioned Dinosaur! a syracuse native sending appreciation to a syracuse graduate :) i'm a senior undergrad now, but hoping to come back to syracuse and go to SU for grad school! and truly... dinosaur wings are insane.

  10. Is there a particular Sephora store you'd recommend? I hope to visit NYC this year.


  11. Hi Fresh Faced,

    A personal favorite is the Sephora in Soho on broadway or Sephora on 5th in Midtown.


  12. I love food too! We have many of the same faves, Levain Bakery, Stanton Social, Ippudo, Motorino & Locanda Verde are some of my other faves!

  13. I have a quick fashion question regarding my trip as well. I am starting to realize that 3 days worth of pounding pavement may wreak havoc on my feet. Do you have any recommendations of what stylish New Yorkers wear to walk long days? I always dread looking like a tourist! Oh and glad you are back on youtube! I never missed a video

  14. thanks for the list! can u give some advise for really good hotels too? (maybe for different price ranges?)

  15. hi, can you recommend a hair salon in the nyc area for a good cut for longer hair? i saw your latest video and love your hairstyle! thanks :)

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