Saturday, February 26, 2011

Zuneta Du Jour: Rouge Bunny Rouge 2.26.11

I came home to a lovely surprise today from the sweet ladies at Zuneta.

If you are in the US you might be unfamiliar with Zuneta but my UK ladies I am sure are very familiar. Zuneta is a fab online makeup store that carry hard to find brands online, such as Rouge Bunny Rouge (My absolute FAVORITE Highlighters), Hourglass (best eyeshadow and lipglosses of 2011 by far) and Edward Bess. They actually are the exclusive retailers of Rouge Bunny Rouge. Will talk about that more later.

Anyway, I came to a sweet holiday card in the mail with lipgloss in it! THANK YOU!

I have some lip glosses from Rouge Bunny Rouge and I love them, this one is from the line called Gleaming Temptations.

This is probably a color that I normall wouldnt have picked up because it looks to be berry but on the lips it is a perfect light raspberry your lips but better with shimmer. It is BEAUTIFUL. The shimmer is perfect for giving that pouty look and is not sticky at all. The quality is phenomenal, something i expect from Rouge Bunny Rouge at this point as everything I have tried by them is wonderful quality.

You can check out this gloss here, they have so many fabulous colors.

Anyway, I highly recommend Rouge Bunny Rouge and Zuneta. They have killer customer service on top of great products. Sometimes you can even catch a great discount code if you are lucky!!

Will you check out?


  1. Fun lip gloss...I would love to layer that over a neutral or pink lipstick! I hope you are having a lovely weekend!

    Liesl :)

  2. looks really beautiful! i have been wanting to try hourglass eyeshadows!!

  3. I m not a lipgloss girl, but my all time favourite is MAC Nymphette!

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