Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nars Illuminator Du Jour 2.9.11

Okay, I am sure a lot of you are hearing the buzz about the new NARS illuminators. The Nars Illuminator came out in Orgasm last year and I was severely disappointed with it. However, if you want to check it out, you can look here on I was on a long bender of NARS disappointments (Oh NARS, you are like a bad boyfriend, so good sometimes and so bad other times... and when you are good, you are oh-so-good)

Anyway, I am super excited to check out the new Illuminator shades in Copacabana, Super Orgasm and Laguna.

Check out Emma's Blog here to check out the full review and more pics.
By the way, you should totally follow Emma's blog, she always has sneak peeks at brand new products before they hit the stores or most other blogs!

Check out this blog, for pics as well!

Have you seen these around yet?
Will you try them out?


PS- Is anyone going to be at Mac + Milk Studios tonight?


  1. I really want to get some of these when summer hits! It's a perfect summer product.

  2. I've swatched them in Space NK in the UK - super orgasm is VERY VERY glittery, more so than the blog photos suggest. I'd never use it on my face!

  3. They look pretty shimmery, but I might be interested in a bronze-y one for the summer. :)

    Thanks for the info!

  4. I've tried all of them. They are nice, but laguna in liquid form is difficult to use on lighter skin tones. copacabana is lovely imo.

  5. Copocabana looks divine!

  6. Copacabana loooks gorgeous! Would love to pick it up! But NARS is always oh so pricey!

  7. Omg these look gorgeous! I tried the orgasm illuminator and I actually quite liked it, so I'm excited to try these out!

  8. I would agree that Super Orgasm is extra glittery. I wish they would consider that normal women do not wish to look like disco balls and tone it down - the Mac MSFs have the perfect level of shimmer imo, and that's using a light hand on application!

  9. Brilliant blog - I'm following!

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  10. I've swatched them ..meh. I have the original Orgasm illuminator and they seemed no better than that tbh.

  11. yinka- really? I cant wait to try the copa! x

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