Thursday, February 10, 2011

Get your GLOW on Du Jour 2.10.11

Right now I am pale, and not gorgeous porcelain pale. I am like pasty pale. Not hot.

I have had a few events to go to and I was EMBARRASSED to even show skin, but I didn't want to look like a NUN completely covered up from head to toe in the typical New York City uniform of some concoction of black clothing.

I fervently dug through my arsenal and came up with something I totally forgot I had, NARS Body Glow (I swear I heard that noise in movies that designate heaven, you know, like that ahhhhhhhh in harp like tones?).

Thank god I found this because with one generous application to my shoulders and decolletage I looked normal again. Dare I even say sun-kissed but in a naturally glowing way. I looked more glowing than "Tan".

Yes, this is pricey @$59 but this will last you a LONG time, I'm talking YEARS! This oil also has some great skin benefits because it uses Monoi Oil and Coconut extract. Soothing and Moisturizing. Check it out here. You can buy here at or Sephora.

I highly recommend picking up a bottle of this if this winter is totally getting you down and making you look like Casper the not so friendly ghost. Even better, if you are naturally darker this will emphasize your gorgeous color without adding sparkled, just a refined golden sheen that smells like a vacation to the tropics or better yet the Maldives.

Will you be picking this up?


  1. Thanks for reminding me i NEED this product for summer haha. I remember MAC came out with a similar product last summer but i didn't pick it up, but i am sure this one is better. It will look gorgeous for nights out in short dresses!

  2. I've always seen products like this and never knew how I would really use them. But I'm so sick of not wearing certain clothes on a night out because of my pale winter skin. Lord knows my Zen-tan would look too severe on me right now! Seriously this is brilliant. I'm totally sold!!

  3. Elly- this one is way better than that one MAC came out with. This is more of a refined shimmer and Macs was a bit more glittery!

  4. Yes i remember swatching the MAC one on my skin, when i was a bit tanner this summer and it only showed glitter, i guess that's why i didnt pick it up. This is on my summer wishlist, along with MAC impassioned and Dior amber diamonds!

  5. Bethany- exactly, sometime a fake tan just screams fake tan, while this illicits a more of a subtle glow


  6. Dara I have this and love it! However I was looking to try something else due to the slick oil consistency. I saw a YT of Kristen Cavallari's makeup artist- Carlene K.- applying Kristens makeup and giving tips. She has come out with her own insta-bronzer "Shine Bronzer" that is more of a lotion/gel texture with AMAZING pigmentation and a color just like NARS glow. Give it a whirl! From one pale skinned NYer to another!

  7. I keep meaning to get this, but they never seem to have it in stock at my local SpaceNK (in the UK). I'll definitely be stocking up soon in time for Spring/Summer.

    Catherine x

  8. This stuff looks amazing! But you are right, it is pricey! I have literally just done a post asking for suggestions of what NARS products to buy as ASOS now stock the brand. I really want to give this a go and I can use their 20% student discount which makes it look a bit more of a feasible option. xo

  9. Hi there! Does yours solidify? I am having a hard time getting it to a liquid form again...any suggestions?


  10. I remembered you did a post about this product, I am so tempted to buy this now, because I live in Amsterdam and Spring still looks soooo far! I was wondering only one thing: Can I use it on the face as well, I have combination to dry skin, what do you suggest?
    Thank you so much!