Friday, February 11, 2011

Bronzing du Jour: NARS CASINO 2.11.11

Continuing on my path to looking healthy and glowing in the middle of the dead of winter in New York city (I am sure you all have heard about this evil winter we are facing) during fashion week.

I want to introduce you to my secret weapon throughout the year, bronzer. But not just any bronzer will do. Some bronzers turn you muddy, some turn you orange and some make you look straight up dirty! I hate that!

I used to be a devoted loyal fan of NARS Laguna bronzer, but I started to look in pictures and whatever and I had started to notice i was looking a bit muddy looking (Also, I absolutley hated that once I used a lot of it and it became a thin layer it would crack and crumble everywhere! A veritable DISASTER!).

I went to my trusty makeup artist that works at NARS at Bloomingdales and she suggested trying Casino (Check it out here) At first I was totally incredulous, Casino is DARKER! However, she was totally right, this because it had a true browner/ redder undertone rather than orange totally stopped the dirty look. Casino MUST be used with a light hand but with the right brush, this bronzer is a MIRACLE worked.

In the past year I have used this every day and have only gone through two, because the pigmentation is so much better you don't use as much.

This is a total must have and HG item for me and at $33 per 6 months, this is a great value. Again, if you are going to try NARS bronzers, even if you are pale, I HIGHLY urge you to go with Casino and use a very soft light brush, like the MAC 187.

Check it our here at or sephora.

Oh! By the way! I only apply to the outer perimeter of my face, this avoids the over bronzed look!

Will you be checking this out? Picking it up? Have you tried? Love or hate it?

PS- Check out Muhsine's amazing blog over @ Bubblegarm here to see her comparison of Laguna vs Casino. If you dont follow her blog you should, she is one of my first favorite beauty bloggers!


  1. I am weird, at winter i embrace my pale side and i love it! I don't care much for bronzer...What i want for summer is a glowy/tan product to contour and make me look a bit bronzey:p That is why i want to pick up Dior Amber diamonds. Thanks for this review though, if i have to pickup a NARS bronzer it will be this one!

  2. I considered getting Casino last summer. When I'm darker I feel like I have to pack on laguna to see it on my skin. I actually started using MACs Blunt as a bronzer (it's really a blush though) it sounds a lot like Casino, very pigmented and will last a long time. I wonder how the colors differ.. I may have to purchase Casino next to see which I like better!

  3. I love this bronzer because of YOU! I remember you blogging or tweeting about it before saying that it was amazing. I went out and bought it and absolutely love it. You are right about the undertones. Way better than Laguna on me. This winter I stopped tanning (indoor). YAY for me, this is very hard because I was addicted. Casino gives me a wonderful bronze look. With my Clarins face and body self tanner, this is a perfect pair.

  4. Hey Dara! Have you tired Edward Bess bronzer in the shade Daydream? It'll be perfect for you, since I am darker I use the shade called Desert Sun, this is the *only* bronzer I like and I use it everyday, gives the most amazing natural finish without any dirtiness, muddiness or oompa-loompa-ness!!!! Try it, it's available at Bergdorf's.

  5. I want to try out this bronzer. :)

  6. I also use Laguna, but you made me want to buy Casino! Every time I look at it it's just so dark, but I will probably pick this up on Monday! =D My every day bronzer is usually Chanel's Bronze Universel. Not so much for the color (although it is gorgeous and looks so natural), but the smell is amazing and the texture is to die for! It can make you look orange though so I use just a bit of it.
    Thanks for sharing this! =)

    Andrée xx

  7. I'm sold! I've had a smaller version of NARS Laguna for at least 2 years now and I haven't even hit pan yet which goes to show I'm not the biggest fan. It the summer I find myself packing it on, and in the winter is fine but it tends to look a bit odd sometimes. I can't want to purchase Casino this spring!

  8. Hi..I bought the Sin/Casino duo at Sephora today based upon your post. You are absolutely spot on..and to think I doubted you! I am eyed and Casino works beautifully. (With a light touch) Thank you so much..Love it and your fabulous Blog.

  9. I am a big Casino devote, i have all 3 NARS Bronzers (irresistiblement, laguna, casino)and in comparison casino is the most universal and flattering. I am NC15!

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