Sunday, February 6, 2011

DO Ubuntu, Orphan Bracelet Du Jour 2.6.11

Hi Ladies (and gentlemen)!

If you are a long time reader of mine you probably have seen my previous post on this amazing organization, UBUNTU and their special project called The Orphan Bracelet. I have been wearing their bracelets for over a year now. Everyone in my family wears one too, even my Dad who is not an accesories person. He even loves it, so this is perfect for a gift to a guy, yourself, a friend, a loved one... ANYONE!

I wear about 7 of them stacked on my wrist, mixing the thin and thick ones. Every time I wear them someone asks about them! On top of benefiting an amazing charity they look absolutely chic and fashionable. What could be better?

"The orphan bracelet is handcrafted by local South African woman living with HIV/AIDS using (lead free) copper, brass and aluminum wire.100% of the proceeds go towards helping mother's and children in South Africa whose lives have been severely impacted by HIV/AIDS. No matter how many you wear, your DO Ubuntu Orphan bracelets, will not set off airport security alarms. DO wear them in the shower."

I really URGE you to buy a bracelet, not only because they look amazing stacked up but each and every purchase truly makes a difference! For as little as $15 (the same price as a lipstick!) you are getting an amazing piece of jewelry AND helping a child. Really, I can not think of a better use of $15. PLEASE buy one here

I am going to do a give-a-away. If you buy a bracelet, please tweet me or email me a picture of you wearing it and I am going to pick 5 people to send a free rosewood Tibetan bracelet that I make and wear all the time too! Absolutely free!

I will pick the 5 "winners" on March 15! That gives you a month to order and receive and tweet me a picture of the Orphan Bracelets.

You can see below, the rosewood wooden beaded bracelet ($60 retail value).

Also, some great news for the UBUNTU organization, Bloomingdales the ICONIC retailer is starting to carry the bracelets, so if you are in NYC or anywhere that there is a Bloomingdales, check it out!

So get going and start tweeting and emailing me pictures of you wearing one.

Remember we are all lucky and blessed in so many ways, and if we can help someone we should! Comment below on if you will order and how you try to help!

(And...NO, in NO WAY am I affiliated or benefit from you purchasing from the UBUNTU website, I know some of you will ask. I just merely want to help a great charity and raise awareness.)


  1. Thanks so much for creating awareness.
    And they really are gorgeous bracelets - will definitely be ordering some!

  2. Just ordered a thick and a thin one to stack up with my other bracelets! And the same set for my sister! Can't wait to receive them, the website said international orders will take up to 1/2 weeks, so i have to be patient! I think it's such a nice and easy way to support charity! Thanks Dara for letting us know!

  3. I am definately ordering!One question...I have large hands...will they fit over my hands?So happy to support such a great cause!~JoJo

  4. Thanks so much! I just purchased a thin and thick one. They're super cute and help a good cause. It's a win win! I'm telling all my friends :)

  5. great post x it's so nice when beauty bloggers use their blog as a platform to raise awareness as well as talking about the products they love. this is such a worthwhile cause, too xx

    Catherine x

  6. Hi, I want to reply to the sizing question. (I am a volunteer for @orphanbracelet) The bracelet are made of rubber O-rings and have aluminum, brass and copper rings as decorations around them. I have very large hands (big girl :) ) and I fit the medium and large easily. It just depends how you want close you want them on your wrist. Medium fits most I would say. Guys usually go for large and I have yet to meet someone who doesnot fit them. thanks for your support it really helps, every bracelet sold. Thanks, much luv' @moniquew

  7. I wasn't aware of this organization. Thanks for sharing this with us! I will share this with my following as well.

    *peace love & couture*

  8. Women of all ages and economic strata seem to be influenced. From young college going teenagers to working professionals to home makers to moms, everyone seems to be sporting their style in bracelets.
    pandora beads

  9. did you ever end up announcing winners for this? =/

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