Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Makeup Wish list du Jour 2.23.11

There have been quite a few things I have been needing... well not needing but wanting.

I am an avid reader of Sandra's blog, if you haven't already checked her out, I highly recommend checking her out here. Anyway, I loved her wish list idea and remembered to actually do one!

Anyway, Let's go through shall we?

Bobbi Brown Extra Balm

Bobbi Brown's Moisturizing EXTRA balm. Originally I just wanted the balm because I heard such rave reviews on it. I have super dry skin and I am needing something that does a HEAVY duty job. I used to LOVE La Mer and use religiously, but recently I feel that the new jars I have bought just aren't quite cutting it. Seems like the formula has changed.

Anyway, I just ordered the EXTRA set from Bobbi Brown here.

Clarins Delectable Bronzing Mousse

I just recently tried a sample of this self tanner by Clarins. I love self tanners but usually they smell and come out splotchy. Not this one, this is definitely a gradual subtle self tan. Highly recommend, doesn't smell as awful as most. I use St. Tropez religiously but I am going to get myself a jar of this and test drive it. The formula is lovely.

NARS Pure Matte in Madere

The new NARS matte lipstick in Madere has been calling the siren song of nude lips to me. This will be mine...very soon! You can buy here. This is such a me color, I have seen it and its gorgeous.

Clarins Lip Perfector

This is a re-fill, I have worn this lip gloss forever 8 years now and Sandra, reminded me I need another one. This lip gloss makes your lips SO plump and smooth. Great gloss and totally NOT sticky. I love the color Rose, its a perfect baby pink. I will review this in depth for you guys. Totally an HG must have!

Chanel Glossimer in Argonite

Chanel Argonite Gloss, I swatched it in Bloomingdales and couldn't stop staring. Gorgeous rainbow shimmer. I even put it on my lips and my best friend 20 minutes later asked me what I was wearing on my lips. That sealed the deal! I had to have it! If you like MAC's dazzleglasses but feel like its too much. Try this, much more sophisticated Micro shimmer and OOOOPS I just bought this!

What have you been swooning after and lusting over?


  1. I cannot wait for the review of the Clarins lip gloss, i want it too now! I really want a lot of new perfumes as im an addict...Gucci Flora, the new agent provocateur, and a Givenchy scarf!

  2. I reallyy want the Clarins lipgloss. I also want to try a benefit lipstick in lady's choice. So pretty!

  3. Too many things to list! LOL. The Clarins and Chanel are now calling to me.


  4. Will you do a review on the Bobbi Brown Extra Balm after you have tried it because I have very dry skin so I would love to know if its worth the money.

  5. I am lusting after By Tery Baume De Rose, the new Elemis Melting Cleanser and Decleor Revive Eye cream! Love the sound of the Clarins Self Tanner! xx

  6. I am in need of some color and might have to try the Clarins Delectable Bronzing Mousse. The Clarins Lip Perfector I've never heard of, but need to have it. The color looks so pretty and the formula sounds great.

  7. Great post! I love wishlists! I think i'll do one soon. I actually have a notebook with about 5 pages worth of products I want lol.

    Hahahahah " and OOPS I just bought this" cracked me up!

  8. I really wanted the Nars lipstick too but after reading reviews I felt so downhearted, I decided not to get it! If you buy it, please review it and swatch it!

  9. Dying to try a Chanel glossimer,may have to treat myself next week.

  10. i'm curious about this extra balm from bobbi brown..i love the original but i too need some extra moisture this time of the year.. could you review it after you've used it??
    also, i had no idea sandra had a beauty blog..i found her awhile ago after you posted about her..thanks for the heads up!

  11. Love love looooove reading makeup wish lists!! You inspired me to do a post also :)

  12. Im a big fan of the clarins lip perfector too, the bobbi brown extra balm sounds great, I get really dehydrated skin and sounds like this could be good for me.

    Im using FACE stockholms advanced hydration vitamin cream at the moment which could be a good one for you to try - they have a really good range of products. I reviewed it here FACE stockholm

    The doll on fashion

  13. I love wishlist posts <3
    The Chanel Glossimer looks awesome! Should try that out next time I pop into a department store.

  14. I actually just recently bought the Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Balm... And it's working wonders in terms of moisturizing my eye area so far.. I really like it.. I use it morning and night.. So altho it's thick and is a bit shiny when applied, it does not interfere with my concealer at all..

    I'm sure the face moisturizer would be just as good..

  15. The Clarins bronzing mousse and lip perfector sound interesting. I've yet to try anything from the brand although I've heard great things!

  16. I bought Bobbi Brown Extra last July. I'm still not even half way done the tub and I use it every single night. It's very thick. It's very creamy. I love it.