Monday, January 24, 2011

Philosophy Help Me Retinol Du Jour 1.24.11

Happy Monday everyone! I have been using a new product for a few weeks and wanted to give it a good test drive before I reviewed it. I picked Philosophy's Help Me Retinol Night cream a while back, probably around 3-6 months ago. I must admit I kind of forgot about it.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, I was looking at my skin and seeing some congestion. My skin didn't look "bad" per say. I had no breakouts (I rarely do, as I have very dry skin) but there was something not good about my skin. It wasn't glowing, or very smooth or CLEAR. Clear you ask? I thought I had no breakouts? I don't, but it wasn't clear you know like when you see a person and there skin is just so CLEAR and bright and glowing. That's what I meant. I was seeing flakes from dryness, congestion in my pores and eeeek even some fine lines from the dryness as well.

I was digging around my makeup and skin care drawers for some heavy duty moisturizer as I thought that would take care of the problem, but then I found this little miracle tube and thank god.

I have been using this for about 2 weeks now at night and it has made a boat load of a difference. Now let me start off by saying, this is NOT a moisturizer. This is a retinol treatment so you will still need a moisturizer for sure. I have been using this (a pea sized drop all over my face) and layering Cetaphil moisturizing lotion over it.

I have noticed a big difference. 3 differences to be exact:
  • Clarity - my pore have been much cleaner giving the clear look to my skin as they are less noticeable. Especially on my nose!
  • Dryness- even though this is not a moisturizer per say this has gotten rid of my dryness. Vitamin A which is retinol will speed up cell turnover and act as an exfoliatant, getting rid of dead lackluster skin
  • Fine Lines- again for the same reasons as above it gets rid of fine lines by increasing cell turnover and encouraging collagen and elastin (what makes your skin firm and plump)

To educate you a little about Retinol products if you are not already familiar, Retinol is a form of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is too big to get through your skin however retinol is a molecular size therefore being able to penetrate your skin. Retinol does not only affect the inner layers of skin, but it also improves the outer layer as well. Retinol binds well with skin cell receptor sites. This allows the retinol to encourage greater cell growth, as well as the removal of old skin cells. This leaves your skin looking and feeling smoother, with a healthy glow.

There are tons of different retinols on the market from at Sephora to Drugstores to even prescribed by your dermatologist (Retin-A) so research and see which might be right for you. Retinol can be irritating to your skin as first and cause peeling. I started every other day and built up to once a day and did not experience any peeling or irritation.

I did my own research and I decided to go with Philosophy's Help me which is $45 and can be bought here at Sephora.

Let me know if you use a retinol, ever have or if you will give it a chance now.


  1. Did you find your skin peeled at all while using it? I've heard that happens a lot with Retinol treatments.

  2. Great review, I was thinking of adding some Retinol into my routine and this sounds perfect xx

  3. Thanks for the great review, I will be picking this up next on your rec!

  4. Hey do you think it is fine to use this if I'm 21 years old?

  5. try their miracle worker set! I bumped up to this & I loooovvvvveee it!! I saw a difference after the first time using the miracle worker pads! The lady at the counter thought I might not like it as I'm only 25. She gave me samples first, I fell in love, & bought the full size set.

  6. it's great this product is working out for you. it does seem like you're getting confused between retin-a and retinol. they're not the same and there isn't any retinol in retin-a. this video, by a dermatologist explains it really clearly.
    S x

  7. I love the stuff. I am a fan of philosophy skin care products in general. You don't realize how good it is until you stop using it.

  8. sonya- both are derivitaves of Vitamin-A. I live at my derm's office... obv not really but im well aware of the differences!

  9. pooja- never too early to start taking care of your skin! x

  10. I love this product!! Have been using it for about a year now and the difference to my skin is amazing! Will continue to use it for years. It's all about prevention!

  11. Thanks for the review!
    Is this safe for under the eyes?

  12. in your post you say "There are tons of different retinols on the market from at Sephora to Drugstores to even prescribed by your dermatologist (Retin-A)", which is incorrect because retin-a doesn't contain any retinol. ask your dermatologist :) i think the following explains the difference between retin-a and retinol quite well:

    "Many anti-wrinkle and skin rejuvenation products contain retinol, which is a form of vitamin A. Many people confuse retinol with Retin A, which is a brand of tretinoin also referred to as trans-retinoic acid or simply retinoic acid. Retinol and retinoic acid are related but distinctly different. Retinol and other forms of vitamin A, such as retinal and retinyl palmitate, do not have much direct effect on the skin. They first need to be converted by special enzymes into the active metabolite, retinoic acid. Only retinoic acid directly affects skin cells and helps reduce some signs of aging.

    In theory, one should be able to apply retinol to the skin, wait till it gets converted to retinoic acid, and eventually get the known skin benefits of the latter. In reality, the conversion rate is low and varies greatly among individuals. Besides, when exposed to air either during storage or use, much retinol may get oxidized or degraded even before it can become availalbe for conversion to retinoic acid in the skin. As a result, significantly less people respond to retinol creams than to retinoic acid (tretinoin, Retin A), and the degree of response tends to be less too."
    this was written by a PHD in biology.

  13. Sonya, thanks for the great info. However, i think you might need a hobby ;) They are still both of form of Vitamin A and that was my only point. I did not get into tretonoids vs acids etc. Again, thanks for the great info, I am sure someone will find it useful.

  14. a hobby? like... writing a beauty blog? ;)
    i occasionally youtube videos so i'm an out and proud beauty/skincare fanatic, as are you i think... :)
    thank you for putting up with me being an annoying school maam.
    really enjoy your blog and loved your videos when you used to make them.

  15. HEY guys its very amazing.All are use in this products i love this blog who write?