Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Trending for SS11 Series Du Jour PART DEUX 1.26.11

I am back with my second installment of the Spring 11 Trending Series. Yesterday, we spoke a little about NEON lips. Yes, this is a huge trend but if you will notice it really is in conjunction with another trend we are seeing and it is Matte Lips.

Out with the Glosses and in with the Mattes.

This spring we are seeing on the runways and on red carpets tons of mattes, ranging from nudes to reds to yep, you guessed it, NEONS!

Have a look below at some of my favorites.

How can you get this look? Easy! Ditch the gloss and grab some toilet paper or paper towels and blot any of your favorite lipsticks to make them matte. You can buy "Matte" formulas- but I like using what you already have and love.

Another fun thing you can do is you is to use eyeshadow on your lips, this gives a great matte, flocked looking lip. I even have heard around that a certain popular brand is coming out with powder lipsticks!

Until the new powder lipsticks come out I would look at NARS and Illamasqua, two of my favorite brands for matte lipsticks.

Another benefit of Matte lipsticks is that they last ALL day long on your lips! Great!


Will you be embracing the Matte trend?


  1. I adore matte lips, in fact now i am wearing MAC Honeylove which is a perfect matte nude.

  2. I will embrace the Matte trend, it will never get old. :)

  3. Revlon do great matt lipsticks x

  4. Definitely embracing the matte trend and nude matte lips...Add some pictures of a few sistahs and Latinas because you def have fans of all races and faces...Love your work!!!

  5. marketmavennyc- I definitely will add more variety of people. Thank you for pointing that out, i never even noticed. SHAME ON ME! I honestly never even look at the person , more about the LIPS! x

  6. fabulous i cannot wait, in fact i may have to wack on a crazy colour to work 2mrw :D

  7. I love the look of matte lips! I'm excited to start rocking this trend! Thanks for sharing!

    Andrée xx

  8. Great post! I love blotting MAC amplified lipsticks for that matte finish :)))

  9. I prefer mattes over glossy formulas. It's about time this trend came back!

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